An Autumn Inspired Wardrobe With Jojo

Autumn toddler fashion never fails to give me that gooey cuteness-overload feeling. From cute foxes to tiny little mice, you can guarantee that there will always be something that makes you go ‘aw’! One of my favourite stores for Autumn inspired toddler clothing is Jojo Maman Bebe and this year I’m finding myself breaking my rule of never buying anything full price and waiting until the sales to hit to pick up as many pieces as I possibly can at a new bargain price. This year, I just have to have it. Or rather, Amelia and Max just have to have it.

And since I’m all up for yet another fashion/wish list post, here goes with my Autumn Inspired Toddler Wardrobe.

Boy’s Best Bits

I have actualy got a few of these pieces already for Maxy and they really are lovely! Max’s favourite pieces are the ones with tractors because he is tractor obsessed! The foxes really are super cute so I cant wait to get some more to add to our Jojo collection!


The floral squirrels and hedgehogs have to be my favourite here. They’re super cute and girly. Peter Pan collars and dungaree dresses are the best to mix and match so these are always a staple piece in Amelia’s wardrobe.


These woodland print Babygro and hat sets are to die for!! I feel like I really need a baby to dress up now that Amelia & Max are both far too big for these now!


I love that there are unisex pieces that both Amelia and Max could wear and match up a bit. Aren’t the fox welly socks the cutest?!!

I really do love Autumn prints and any excuse to buy some new clothes is a win with me! What pieces would you chose? Or if you’re already a Jojo fan, what pieces do you already have? I’d love to know 🙂


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