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There are so many lists on the internet telling you what to pack for the hospital when you go into labour. I had a search for some of these to use as ideas for my own hospital bags and now I’m going to share with you the contents of my hospital bags. I’ve been gradually packing up my bags and getting bits to go in them since I was around 30 weeks with the aim to have them fully finished for when I am 35 weeks.

In My Hospital Bag:

Maternity vest tops – Matalan

Black maternity leggings – Newlook

Jogging bottoms 

Black knickers

Flip flops

3x socks

Travel toothbrush – Home Bargains

Toothpaste – Home Bargains

Maternity sanitary pads – Mothercare


Breast pads – Mothercare

Maternity Notes


Lucozade sport

Orange juice

Snacks i.e. Banana, chocolate bars

In The Baby Bag:

Nautical blanket – Marks & Spencer 

Peter Rabbit babygro – Mothercare

Peter Rabbit hat & mittens set – Mothercare

2x spare Babygro’s

2x warm cardigans/jumpers

Knitted blanket

5x plain vests – Mothercare

Sensitive baby wipes – Pampers

Nappies – Pampers

Comforter – Jojo Maman Bébé 

Almost everything I read said pack slippers and a dressing gown – just in case of an over night stay, but to be honest it was so hot in hospital all I wanted was shorts, a vest and my flip flops!

Its a really exciting thing packing your hospital bag. it makes you feel like everything is so much closer and a lot more real. Just remember it can take time getting all of the bits together so although you don’t necessarily need to have your bag ready until 35/36 weeks, you could start from anytime. I stared my bags at around 30 weeks and currently being 36 weeks pregnant and I have only just finished!

Have you packed anything different in your hospital bags?

Thanks for reading!


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  1. Currently 35 weeks pregnant and it was a struggle to get my head around everything I will need as one site would say the essentials and the other site would have a different list of vital essentials in the hospital bag. My bags are very similar to yours except I will most definitely be packing those slippers and jumpers for myself considering Winter has just hit here and those hospital blankets are far from warm !

    1. Thankyou for reading my post 🙂 I hope everything goes will for you with the birth! We only have 4 days left until due date so I’m super excited (as well as super uncomfortable!) Our hospital is always boiling hot and I couldn’t sleep for being so sweaty with my first and that was in the winter so I’m dreading the temperature now in the warmer months! X

  2. Ooh, this just made me shiver with excitement, just remembering packing my bag! Definitely agree about not needing slippers and dressing gown. I didn’t have flip flops with me but they would have been so useful for walking to the loo/shower and back (I stayed in for three nights). We didn’t pack enough baby clothes and ended up having a make-do situation for the journey home. Awww, best of luck with everything. You should do a follow-up post when you come home to say what you did and didn’t end up using! #bloggerclubuk

  3. Eek with a 2 week old this really brings it back. You were more organised than me but I seemed to have everything I needed. You are so right though I was boiling!!! Forget the dressing gown. Good luck for when it happens! Thanks for sharing with #bestandworst x

  4. I ignored the slippers and dressing gown suggestion for both mine too – couldn’t be bothered with packing stuff like that. My bags were fairly similar to yours. Though I wasted my time packing them with my second – she was born suddenly at home after the shortest imaginable labour so didn’t make it to hospital! #bestandworst

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