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There are so many essentials you need to stock up on before your new arrival makes an appearance. She needed bottles… or do I breastfeed.. so then I will need a pump and most likely bottles anyway, right? Nappies… Wipes… Or maybe cotton wool and water?? … Then formula… A sterilizer… Maybe a bottle warmer..?! But what is the best one to buy? Do I read the reviews, I asked myself, because at the end of the day they’re only made by people that feel the need to complain and not usually by anybody being constructive – I mean if I’m happy with a product I don’t generally feel the need to go on their website and write it a review so I wouldn’t be fully trusting of what I read online.

With a vast market of baby supplies, it can be very mind boggling and quite frankly, confusing choosing relatively simple and basic items for your baby. From bottle and sterilizer brands to about 100 different choices on milk powder?! (Okay, so slight exaggeration maybe!) Favorites change with the times so when my brother was a baby (9 years ago) Avent was the favorite bottle and sterilizer choice for many parents; now it seems everybody has Tommee Tippee! But why?? What has changed so much you feel yourself wondering?? Well I have no idea. My guess is that it is just like anything and things go around with the times.

Before you give birth, you have no idea what milk your baby will prefer and whether they’ll have any intolerance’s or it’ll make them sick. It’s all a learning game until you have established what suits your baby the best. A lot of people I know went for Aptamil and the only deciding factor for me is that I liked the blue box.. Well you have to start somewhere right??!

I chose the brand Tommee Tippee with Amelia and I am definitely choosing it again. I have always been really impressed with the range and love the pretty bottle patterns and the shape of the bottles too. Before I had Amelia it seemed to be a favorite and every new parent I knew had opted for this brand also.

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