But You’re So little?!

Now Max is four months old I thought I could have a little whinge and a moan (because after all isn’t that the whole point in owning a blog?!!)

Wet wipes – we seem to go through at least a whole pack of wet wipes a day. Before Max arrived we would barely use one! How can one baby use so many wet wipes?? Probably because he poo’s about five times a day! Right through both layers too.. which leads us onto…


Laundry! I used to do around 3/4 loads of washing a week, and even then it wasn’t really necessary and just me doing half a load for the sake of boredom. Now I have to do at least one a day and even then the basket is still forever overflowing *sigh*


Max likes to do this thing where he just whinges all the time for no reason at all. No really I’ve tried everything! He just likes to sit there and have a real moan to himself (probably about how hard life is being a 4 month old).

Or maybe because mummy is always frustrated when she undoes a yucky nappy THEN realises we’ve used up all of the wet wipes AGAIN meaning a sprint upstairs to the cupboard whilst trying to bribe a toddler to stay laying down rather than running around the house getting poo everywhere..

He’s actually been teething since he was three months and he’s a bit of a well.. a baby about it. Amelia hasn’t ever made a fuss about getting her little teethers through whereas Maxy likes to let us ALL know (ALL night and day) that he has some movement under his gums.


Max also has this thing against sleep.. that or he thinks he’s an owl?? Either way he still doesn’t sleep very well and as much as I try not to it really is hard to not compare him to Amelia at this age who had already been sleeping right through for months. I’m not one that really does too well on lack of sleep and with a toddler, a baby and a heck of a lot of baby weight to shift, this really doesn’t help matters.

So there it is, my four month post-Max baby moan. (I should have called this blog ‘The Moaning Mother’!) Honestly I really can’t complain too much. Don’t tell anyone but I secretly love doing the laundry and fetching wet wipes every five minutes means a jog up the stairs that my baby belly could really do with. Max is also the happiest baby I have ever met (and with enough members in my family that we could take over a small country this is really saying something) which is really lovely. When he’s not whinging about his poorly gums or nasty injections he’s actually a really lovely happy and smiley little boy that giggles about basically anything. He only really has eyes for his daddy and loves it when his big sister dances around like a loon in front of him which always gets a big smile of approval again.

img_4812 img_6822

Life with a new baby is hard, especially when you also have a toddler too but I wouldn’t change it – or them – for anything. Not even for a week of non interrupted sleep! 😉

Thanks for reading!


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  1. Indeed a blog is for moaning and that’s what makes it perfect fab post Thanks for linking to the #THAT FRIDAY LINKY come back next week please

  2. Haha yep, a good moan is therapeutic I find! With four children my laundry basket is never empty, it drives me crazy how four small people can dirty that amount of clothes each day! Thank you for linking with #kcacols

  3. I love these photos, especially the last one. Seriously so cute! There is 19 months between my two so I know the baby and toddler balancing act well, although now it’s Tween and almost Teen 😉

    Thanks for linking up to #PicknMix Stevie x

  4. It is good to moan. Let it all out! It is very hard to deal with a baby! You are doing very well. My daughters have a 4 year gap which makes things a little better but also it was hard for her at the beginning because she was for longer the queen of the house lol. I feel the same way. It is hard but I would not change it for the world. Thanks so much for sharing this at #KCACOLS. x

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