Celebrating World Book Day With Your Toddler

World Book Day is on March 1st and it may not really mean anything to you if you only have a toddler and not any school age children. Most schools and nursery’s celebrate the day by having a themed dress up day where the children go to school dressed up as their favourite character from a book. Toddlers may be too young to read properly, but it can still be a day they can enjoy just as much as older children. So why not try Celebrating World Book Day With Your Toddler?!


Read Books Together

Reading to your toddler is a great way to teach them the basic skills to start reading themselves and it also opens up their imaginations and creative side. As well as the learning aspect, it’s also a lovely time to bond and spend some quality time together. Picture books are really great for helping young children understand the story without actually having to read the words. Try pointing out a picture and link words to help them understand the meanings and concepts.

reading together

Share The Love

This relates a lot to reading books together above. Parenting can mean we have a very busy life so having some downtime with your children and just enjoying time together whilst helping your child’s imagination to grow can be a great release for you all. Cuddle your toddler and make them feel warm and safe and this time is something that will stay with you forever and become a great memory.


Help Your Toddler To Get Ahead

Although it isn’t hugely necessary, it could really benefit your toddler by helping them get to grips with reading before they actually start school. Getting them used to books and stories could actually give your little one a head start in that area when it is time for those school years. Reading is something your child will enjoy for life so nurturing that love now will kick start that bond.

Enhance The Imagination

I have always loved to read from a young age and a part of that was because of the brilliant imagination that grows with each story. Being the only girl to three young brothers and living on a farm away from any friends was pretty lonely so I did rely a lot on my imagination. Kick-starting Amelia and Max’s imagination from their toddler years is really important to me and it’s great to see how theirs is already flourishing. World Book Day can be a great was to explore even more characters.


Make It FUN!

There are plenty of ways to make books even more fun. Most books have now been turned into films so why not get some popcorn, snuggle up under a blanket and have a movie day? Why not get some friends over for a playdate and have a fun filled day with others? Make lunch more exciting by sticking with the book theme, find some of your child’s favourite teddy bears and have a picnic.

World Book day

Books really are so useful to children – no matter what their age – so make the most of World Book Day and introduce your toddler to the wonderful world of books!

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Do your older children look forward to World Book Day? Do your younger children love books? Or maybe you do yourself? We’d love to know below 🙂



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  1. I hope you had a lovely world book day! Reading is brilliant and if you can hook your little one into getting lost in an imaginary world through the written word, it will definitely help for the future school days ahead. Thanks for sharing with the #DreamTeam x

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