Co-Sleeping: To Do Or Not To Do

Co-sleeping is something that lots of parents do from a young age and an older age. It isn’t for everybody – my family included.

Personally I am not at all a fan of co-sleeping as it encourages bad habits when children get older such as dependency on being close to parents in order to sleep meaning the transition into big boy/girl bed can be super challenging. Many parents find it very hard to get their child into their own bed very hard as they just keep climbing back in whenever they get the chance. The child becomes so attached to the parents in a more unhealthy way and uses said parent more as a comforter. Another reason is the dangers that come with co-sleeping especially if there is a father also in the bed – these include being crushed and suffocation.

Sure it may be a lot easier to settle your child by having them close and it may be the only way you are able to get some sleep but I would much rather have a few tough nights of crying and no sleep in order to sleep train my baby into staying in their own cot/moses basket/crib and to accept some separation.

I would be lying if I said I had never do slept with either of my babies because in a sense I have. Occasionally I would be so desperately tired that I would wake up with a baby in my arms or on my chest when I have just fallen asleep feeding or burping and each time I hate myself thinking of how something awful could so easily have happened. Also, as soon as Jack leaves for work if either Amelia or Max now would wake around 5-6am I just put them over on Jacks side away from me, propped up on a pillow with a cushion tucked up on the open side of the bed to stop anyone from accidentally falling and I usually manage to get an extra hour or two of slightly disturbed sleep whilst baby just looks around happily and – most importantly- quietly.

With max now it is especially important to get those extra few hours where possible as I have a highly energetic toddler to keep me on my toes during the day. (Honestly I’m super lucky with Amelia and Max also as they are so happy to just be without the need for me to constantly be in their faces or vice versa – Meaning some mummy time is actually achieved)

Of course co-sleeping is a personal choice and some people swear by it, but my views are that it really just causes problems for yourself and ultimately you end up with an over reliant child. I love being close to my children and having cuddles but I have plenty of this during the day, so I am more that happy to have night time to myself to actually get some sleep!

What are your views on co-sleeping?


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