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I recently wrote a post on how Peppa Pig may be damaging to our children to watch (which you can find here).This then got me thinking about what toddlers can actually watch that isn’t damaging? Amelia is no way at all interested in watching things that I like such as Hollyoaks and EastEnders watching people just talking and having serious drama.


Then then other day the OH decided that he wanted to watch the new Planet Earth. This isn’t really something I thought Amelia would be into so damn I was surprised that she was glued to the entire thing! There were loads of snakes chasing a newly hatched baby iguana and she held both of our hands because she was scared and was shouting ‘run’ to the baby iguana then clapping and was super happy when it got away! She was pointing out all of the animals and getting excited by the new ones and trying to say their names – she did have to be corrected a few times when she kept calling the sloth a monkey!


She was laughing and having so much fun watching this non cartoon, real life educational programme that she actually paid so much more attention to than Peppa Pig! I’ve been finding and recording as many nature programmes as I can for her to watch during the day when I’m busy.

So I think I have definitely finally found something that is going to be both interesting to her and also educational which is what I really want her to be watching. I love that she is able to get so much out of a television programme.


What educational programmes do your children watch?


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