Goodbye Nap Time

I love naps. Naps are the best – especially when you have children. You can do so many things when your children have a nap. Dishes, laundry, hoovering, eating junk food without having to share or even having a nap yourself! (A novelty these days with two)

Amelia used to have a nap during the day for a few hours – honestly!! – but recently she hasn’t been interested at all.

Yes folks, we have been forced to say: Goodbye Nap Time.

It really is a sad time of our toddlerhood. I cherished nap times. I love Amelia so much but I also really loved – and needed – that few hours to myself without having to wonder where she is or hear ‘mum’ shouted at me 100 times a minute.

I suppose it’s good in a way since she is going to bed a bit earlier and still sleeps right through (like the angel she can be sometimes!!) but still. I just loved being able to switch my brain off for an hour or three.


Amelia is great during the day. She needs minimal entertaining and interaction from me (a god send in the shattered pregnancy stage with Max) and is always so happy to just play and occasionally ask me to open a box or read a story. However any parent will know how difficult it is to feel relaxed and switch your brain off with children around no matter how easy and well behaved said children are.

The main thing I loved to do during nap time was my exercise DVD and then the ability to have a shower in peace. Now it sounds like a heard of elephants stomping around her bedroom when I close her away in her cot for a little while in the hope she will take this time to nap.

Toddlers are full on. No matter how little attention they require, they’re still full on.

And so we now have to say goodbye nap time. And goodbye mummy time.


(I would just like to point out that I don’t actually just ignore her all day and leave her to do what she wants. We have loads of play time and fun time together every day)

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  1. We are reaching that stage too, I completely get where you’re coming from – especially as she barely slept for the first year of her life (day or night). I instigate “quiet time”now, if it’s clear she’s not tired, and let her have the iPad or watch tele for an hour so I can have a break before we do something else. #MMBC

    1. Thankyou for commenting 🙂 I’m lucky that Amelia has always slept through the night and and was a good day time napper too so I should be greatful to get this far but I suppose it’s the old saying, the more they have (or had in this case), the more I want her to have! Haha

  2. You poor thing! I am dreading when this day comes. I absolutely relish nap time to sit and do some of my reading and blogging without anyone (including my husband) disrupting me. I’d say you need to take the time to mourn your loss but you don’t have the time for that now 🙁 It sounds like she’s pretty good at self play though so hopefully as she keeps getting older she’ll be happy to amuse herself whilst you do things close by. Sending you good luck vibes! #MarvMondays

    1. One thing I’ve learnt since having children is that you really need to make the most of the naps whilst you can! You never know when they’re going to turn around and flat out refuse to sleep and you have to wonder how you can cope with absolutely zero ‘you’ time!
      Thankyou for reading and commenting 🙂

  3. I moan because my 15 month old always naps on me so i can’t do all the things so many other mama’s do. But at least I can type one handed (or have a crafty nap myself). Not looking forward to the no naps at all! #bigpinklink

  4. Hehe, it’s so sad when they stop napping but you soon get used to it and actually forget all about all those things you used to do when they napped before!! Kier stopped napping a year ago, but now he is in pre-school for 4 hours on a Friday, possibly doing another long day in January. Then before you know it they’re all at School and u will have so much free time u wont know what to do with it all 🙂 Unless you become a childminder like me and spend all your time looking after other peoples kids, Ha!! #MarvMondays

    1. Haha I’ll probably just need to have a couple more to keep me company! I’ll be the crazy cat lady but with babies!! Thankyou for reading x

  5. Lol! I remember when Lilly used to nap and I got to get stuff done without a toddler latched onto my leg 😂 You don’t know how important nap time is for your sanity till the toddler decides she doesn’t need it anymore 😵


  6. Eek I feel for you. My daughter’s 24 months and now and when she goes without a nap (like yesterday) it’s knackering. Not just because she’s full on, but also because I have a 6 month old baby, so those few precious hours just for me (or me and baby) are definitely something I need to keep me sane. Thankfully as I sit writing this, they are BOTH down for a nap. Woohoo! Dishes aren’t done yet though….Last on my list LOL #BigPinkLink

    1. Haha I have a 4 month old too so even the evenings there’s no alone time. Infact even at night he still wakes so I permanently have at least one little person glued to me! Thankyou for reading 🙂

  7. Oh I remember this like it was yesterday (it wasn’t, it was around 12 years ago). I felt just as you do now and my youngest never really did day time naps, so I never did get them back. #MMBC x

  8. Saying bye bye to nap time is soooo hard! We said goodbye to naptime earlier this year just before our eldest started nursery school and baby number two was born. I feel like I have zero alone time on the days when we are all at home together. Its so hard, but then I think of how I could be stuck at work in an office all day instead and realise that actually I wouldnt trade this time for anything in the world 🙂 Thanks for sharing this on #MarvMondays. Emily

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