Halloween With A Baby: Fact Vs. Fiction

Adults love Halloween because it is the only time of year that dressing up your child in cute outfits is appropriate – and people are less likely to look at you and think you’re insane.. Or a child torturer! The idea of walking around a village, town or party with (obviously) the cutest baby ever whilst people look in awe unmistakably what Halloween is all about for a mother!

That professionally carved pumpkin you have been envisioning for weeks does not happen and so you have to tell the neighbors a child done it just to save face! And those decorative spooky Halloween cupcakes and cookies you plan to do every single year does no go ahead yet again and instead you end up handing out tasteless store-bought mush! … Until next year Pintrest!

You plan all of these amazing crafts to do to mark the occasion then realise a 6 month old is way too young to make a homemade spooky garland; So you ask yourself the question… Can I pretend they’re a star artist in the making when really it was me?!!

Going out trick or treating sounds great after all those missed years being too old! But of course everybody knows babies can’t eat candy and it’s really just you being greedy! And this is combined by the sounds of children screaming in terror at freaky costumes and werewolf masks and scary decorations. I mean she’s barely used to people in general, let alone ones dressed up as scary characters.

So whilst we’re walking around frozen wearing 5 coats, 3 jumpers and under thermals, we’re also trying not to be too jealous of all the women without post child bearing bodies walking around as a ‘naughty’ something or other!

Due to the clocks going back, we can all start trick or treating a bit earlier which is great as a few extra dark hours earlier means less time being out late with  a really fussy and tired baby because they’re scared of the dark and it’s too late and after all, they have no idea whats really going on and just want to be at home playing defying their bed time schedule.

I love Halloween as there are so many gorgeous costumes for babies! The only problem I find is that as lovely as these outfits are,never well suited to the climate! The material is always so thin that being out in the cold nights just means a poorly baby. Thermals are definitely needed for trick or treating – which means that lovely outfit you picked.. Is well and truly disguised (and they never want to keep on those cute bunny ears or pumpkin hat!) This is the same with using a pushchair. Trick or treating is a lot of walking which means it’s easier for everybody to use a pram, although it’s guaranteed baby will disagree! I know this is especially true for Amelia as she will want to be carried around all evening regardless of the distance or weather.

To be honest, in this day and age Halloween is mainly about the Endless Social media posts full of pictures and selfies, but baby will never cooperate (isn’t it funny how all pictures where they’re looking and smiling is in old clothes looking a mess?!) I will definitely be taking hundreds of pictures of Amelia to mark this first Halloween. My mother has always been very into traditions and making sure these occasions were always land marked in our lives, and this will be the same for Amelia every year. Pumpkin carving, crafts and trick or treating.

And after all this.. you just have to hope your child can actually sleep!


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  1. We didn’t do anything for Halloween for the first three years following the birth of our girls as they were just too young. Last year and this year we went to the school halloween party, but we won’t be doing anything on halloween. Thanks for linking up to #ThatFridayLinky

  2. It’s only this year that the girls are four that they have some understanding of Halloween personally I don’t the obsession good post Thanks for linking to the #THAT FRIDAY LINKY come back next week please

  3. When the boys were really small, I used to love dressing them up but staying home and letting them answer the door to trick or treaters 🙂 They loved it and I got to stay indoors in the warm 😉 Thanks for linking up to #PicknMix

    Stevie x

    1. I’m always torn between the fun of handing out sweets to excited children or wondering around in the cold and usually rain with excited children getting sweets and seeing all the other decorated houses! Thankyou for reading 🙂

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