How To Survive A Car Journey With A Toddler

Whether it’s an hour trip or five, it’s best to be prepared – especially where toddlers and young children are concerned.

Plan your time

If your journey is going to take 5 hours and you know you usually have to change your toddlers nappy every 2 hours then stop accordingly. Some toddlers are fine staying in their car seats for a lot amount of time whereas others need to stop half way or even every hour.


Plan your route

To avoid adding any additional time to your journey by getting lost, plan your route and put it into a sat nav system before you leave. Be sure of the route you are taking. The last thing you want when you have a screaming baby in the car is to be getting lost and stressed out.

Pack in advance

The last thing you want to be doing before a long journey (and most likely very early in the morning) is to have to do any last minute packing. The evening before our holiday we made sure the car was all packed up so all we had to do was get dressed and hop on the car.

Baby mirror

Ising a baby mirror in the car is great for parents to be able to keep an eye on any rear-facing children and also is a good way for a child to feel less lonely and entertain themselves.


Car Games

Write a list of games to play. These could include I spy, Count the red cars or Making silly animal noises.


Take favourite toys as a way to entertain children – just leave the noisy ones at home if you don’t want a headache!

Take plenty of food

When Amelia is travelling anywhere – even if it’s only 5 minutes away – we always take some snacks for her to munch on the way. She can be a bit of a nightmare in the car and the only way to stop her shouting on stop is to feed her!


This is good form of distraction for children that love music and singing along in the car.



Thear are great for games and watching videos which toddlers love.


Toddlers love to flick through books and look at pictures and make up stories.


And finally, Ear Plugs!

For obvious reasons.

So these are my top tips for travelling with a toddler. What else would you add?



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    1. Haha we’re the same with Amelia! Most of it ends up all over the floor though typically! Thanks for reading and commenting 🙂

  1. What a fabulous post, we literally just bought a mirror today for our newest addition so can’t wait to use that as he is currently hating the car!!

    Emily – BabiesandBeauty #dreamteam

  2. Great tips! We have a bit of a journey on Friday with Mia and I’m already trying to think of ways to keep her entertained! We normally have plenty of snacks, books, a travel colouring set, and an ipad to hand! 🙂


  3. I should have followed most of this advice when traveling with my 1-year-old recently. Unfortunately, I have a knack for being last-minute. Though I definitely agree with bringing snacks. It’s hard to scream when you’ve got a full mouth!

  4. Log car journeys with my two and one year old stress me out. We have taken to (where possible) during at night. We came home from our holiday o the Sunday night as opposed to Monday when we were due to check out. The journey took half the time and the kids slept and I e just lifted them into bed when we got home. But if I do have to do it in the day I try time it round nap time have lots of food books and music like you say! Great tips. Thank you for sharing them atv#familyfun

  5. We tend to stop as little one can run about, have some milk and get tired again!! Love these tips. I must try to be more organised to pack in advance though instead of running around like a loon!! Thanks for sharing with #bestandworst x

  6. We recently got stuck on the M25 for 4 hours with the toddler and pre-teen…all these things came in handy! Lots of games and as much food as you can carry is always a winner. Thanks for linking up to #dreamteam xx

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