Introducing A New Baby

Before Max was born I was so worried about how Amelia would react and how it would affect her. I was thinking of ways to introduce her to the new baby without making her feel upset and left out, and also how the new baby will affect her life and inevitably change her from an independent and outgoing toddler to a needy one wanting all of mummy and daddy’s attention – or so I thought!

Amelia was always jealous when I would interact with any other babies/toddlers at playgroup or out and about so this made me majorly overthink what a nightmare bringing a new baby home would be.

Typically all of this overthinking and extensive planning ahead was completely unnecessary! Amelia – as always – was amazing. I couldn’t be more proud of the amazing little girl she is and how well she dealt with such a huge change in her life. Max is now 8 months old and every day with my two babies are brilliant. Tiring, but brilliant.

They’ve always played so well together and Amelia loves to cuddle him and kiss him and now he’s on the move it’s evan better watching them interact and follow each other around. Amelia really does act like he’s her baby, telling him what to do and ‘no!’ when he does something he shouldn’t.

I could sit here and tell you how I cleverly got Amelia to come around to the idea of a baby and make out that I have some super foolproof plan.. but I can’t.. because I dont! It really was all down to how great Amelia is, but here’s a few little tips on how to introduce a new baby to your toddler (or other children!)

Use a bribe – I used one of Amelia’s Christmas presents as a little gift for her from the new baby. She loved this and even started telling her new baby brother all about Peppa Pig!

Keep things the same – It doesn’t matter how tired you are, or how stressed you are, or how you really cannot be bothered to run a bath or cook a healthy tea – you just do it. Because that’s what your children need. I was shattered with Max, he was up every hour and it was just awful! But I still kept her routine exactly the same. Baths at the same time, bed at the same time and keeping up with mealtimes and snacks.

Make time – The most important thing is to make time for one on one play or cuddling with your other child or children. Amelia luckily didn’t go through the super fussy and clingy stage but whenever she wanted to play or have a cuddle I made sure I was present – well, most of the time! Haha

So here are my little tips for introducing a new baby, do you have any tips to add? 

Thanks for reading 🙂


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  1. There are some great tips here. My eldest was only 10.5 months when the littlest arrived, so I couldn’t talk to her to help rationalise the situation. For us the key was keeping things the same, things soon settled down and we were able to integrate the littlest into our routine! Thanks so much for linking up to #KCACOLS, hope you come back again next Sunday x

  2. I can imagine keeping the routine the same is key to a happy life. we only have one but I do wonder what a second would mean to the harmony I kinda feel like we have now…apart from the threenage tantrum and foot stomps from my son hehe #KCACOLS

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