Kiddie Artwork Storage Solutions

Having children means you are guaranteed to get an endless amount of kiddie artwork and schoolwork that you couldn’t possibly throw away. Artwork is a real keepsake for years to come to look back on with your child but the question of what to do with it really peaks after the 8th scribble on a page and scenes of an overflowing fridge or cupboard door.

So here we have my guide to Kiddie Artwork Storage Solutions!

Plastic wallets

Placing artwork in plastic wallets back to back is a great space saving technique especially when you can just tuck them away neatly into a designated kiddie artwork folder.

Digital Images

A great way to save space whilst still keeping the memory and general look of the artwork is by taking a digital picture either on a phone or camera and printing them off onto photo paper. Same artwork, smaller space.


Displaying artwork doesn’t just have to take over the entire fridge. Why not try laminating and using the pictures as a placemat or coaster? A very unique way to spice up your home too!

Photo Books 

Again with the taking a digital image, but this time go onto an online site such as Photobox and create your very own artwork photo book. A slightly more expensive approach but it works all the same! And the best part is, you can do it all from your phone.


For more than one child, hang up said amount of clipboards on the wall with a cute little name tag and each child gets to chose what piece of artwork is displayed – changing it as often as they like, adding more to the top of the pile.

A Magnetic Wall

Paint a wall in some magnetic paint, find some really cute magnets then display the artwork on a very large scale.

Share the love

Any extra artwork that you aren’t overly worries about keeping yourselves could be sent to grandparents and relatives or to a hospital to cheer up patients. A lovely way for spreading some joy.

Cork board

This works the same way as a clipboard or magnetic wall. You could put artwork you are keeping on the board for a year then store them away at the end of the year in a storage box/folder.

String Line

Put the string along the wall and find some little pegs to attach artwork. There will only be limited room so soon it will get to a take one down in order to put a new one up again.

How do you store your children’s art/school work? 



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  1. Oh my goodness these are amazing. I love the idea of a photo book and that clip board wall is just fab! This is definitely a post to pin for a later date. What fab ideas! Thank you for sharing at #familyfun xx

  2. My kids not school age yet but has been doing his first art work! I’ve not really kept anything yet as its too forced. Glitter tends to be on him rather than on the paper!! Thanks for linking up to #familyfun

    1. I’ve banned glitter from this house now. Takes over a week to remove just half of the traces from the house and hoovering around 50 times a day!
      Thankyou for reading 🙂

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