My 20th Birthday Wishlist

Next Month I’m going to be 20, it’s weird because I feel way older than 20 and I know a few of you must be thinking ‘oh.. she has 2 children and hasn’t even entered her 20’s yet..’

I’m actually really excited to turn 20! I have no idea why since I usually really don’t like birthdays but now Amelia has learnt to sing the happy birthday song (and she sings it pretty much every day!) that maybe this year will feel more special with my two little monkeys.

Anybody who has read my blog in the past will know I LOVE a good gift guide like my previous..

Fitbit Blaze

Yup.. I’m still desperate to get a Fitbit! I was told to wait until my birthday so Jack.. I’m waiting 😉 It’s also cheaper than when I first asked so it’s a win win! Haha

Sports Leggings


I first saw Cornishware on display in our local Waitrose and I absolutely love it!! It’s a shame it’s so expensive or my entire kitchen would be full of these fresh blue & white stripes.


I love shoes, I think every girl probably loves shoes too, and I think we should all have a different shoe to match each outfit.. it’s just a shame there isn’t enough space in my house!

Stationary Bits

Writing down random thought or blog post ideas in a cute little notebook is something I love to do! I always carry a mini notebook around with me and my rule is that you can never ever have enough notebooks and stationary.


The Joules bee cushion is the cutest thing ever! Our living room has a red colour theme and even though this one is blue I definitely need it.

The clock is from New Look and I’d mixing up  love to mix up our blue theme bedroom with a pretty pink clock.


Having a nice smelly candle is a great way to make a house feel more homey and these pretty floral patterns would look great in our new soon-to-be done up home.

Bags & Purses

I adore all of these bags/purses/make-up bags but the first blue one is my favourite from Jack Wills!


Blister resistant socks are a huge must when doing any kind of workout for me – they’re just so comfy! Joules bamboo socks are the best socks. I could never have enough Joules bamboo socks.


My super tough MASSIVE phone case is getting a bit old and tatty so I’m thinking something a little cuter and sleeker may be a little better for me.. well until I drop it and break it but that’s a hurdle we’ll jump when we get there.

And how cute is this panda hand cream?!!

So that’s my little birthday Wishlist! I’d also love a huge chocolate cake too 🙂

Thanks for reading!


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