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I’ll start off with explaining what Mumspo is – it’s a random word (I think?!) that I’ve just made up for the title of this post and it is essentially a mash up of ‘mums’ and ‘inspiration’. Totally ingenious right?!..

I love watching reality shows and as the famous life goes I guess you really feel the pressure to look a certain way – especially when you have children involved.

Sam Faiers is a former star of TOWIE and has a one year old son called Paul. She has been documenting her pregnancy and new mum journey on TV on the channel ITV2 called The Baby Diaries and The Mummy Diaries – both are really worth a watch! (Well I liked them anyway haha)

The reason I love Sam is because she just seems so together and like she’s a pro at this whole mummy thing, she really is a natural! I love her dedication to her son and the programme has really inspired me to make more wonderful homemade dishes full of goodness for Max’s weaning and Amelia’s tea. Anybody who can work and also juggle their baby so well is amazing to me!

Sam takes inspiration in baby Paul’s clothing from Prince George and I love this! In fact I base a lot of Max’s outfits on both baby Paul and Prince George because I just love the vintage cuteness!

You can read all about Sam’s motherhood journey in her book ‘My Baby & Me’.

Danielle Busby – (My main mum crush! Haha!) For anybody who doesn’t watch OutDAUGHTERED, you need to.. like now! This lady is something else. She has six children and 5 of those are all under the age of two! Yup, she has quints! She really is my biggest inspiration. I’m pretty obsessed with her and their TV programme (on TLC) at the moment.

As well as having quintuplet 1 year old daughters, she also has an older 5 year old daughter (hence the title OutDAUGHTERED!). After having all of these babies, her figure is amazing! I struggle to stay awake most days from being so tired with only two to look after, and it doesn’t seem like I have a single second to think let alone add in some fitness but somehow Danielle always makes exercise a priority.

And this is why she has inspired me so much. I’ve really been making the effort now to work out and include Amelia and Max rather than using the excuse I can’t workout because they’re around. I’ve been taking them on walks and Amelia even has her own little pink weights so she can workout with me too!

(The photo above is from the Busby’s Instagram page)

You can watch The Busby’s on TLC and check out their blog here! I have read the whole blog and their journey from bump to five babies!

So here are the two mums that I LOVE and really aspire to be like in one way or another.

Do you have any Mumspo? I’d love to know who you really look up to 🙂


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