My Next Move – College & Degrees.

Having children young has meant sacrifices. Staying home rather than binge drinking, travelling the world and working different crappy jobs. None of which I’m actually bothered about however. There’s plenty of time to travel and go on holidays when my children are bigger, and I can enjoy them so much more with them too. One thing I would like to combine with parenting though, is my education.

When I finished school I knew my path, and that was to go into the family business, Cornwall Farm Machinery. I never really had a chance to think of what I would really like to do for myself, and in a way I was pushed into the job – like it was the route I was expected to take by everyone else and there wasn’t much room for my dream, what I really wanted to do.

Not that I really knew what I wanted to do, and really it was just the prospect of having some money and being able to drive tractors everyday and be around people I actually liked (well, most of them) that didn’t make me think any different.

Growing up on a farm and being around animals every day gave me the idea of being a vet. There was no way I could stayed on at the farm because of the twisted history with my dads mother and sister. To cut a long story short they were, and still are, horrible people.

At some point in my teens I realised that as much as I loved the big animals like cows and horses, I wasn’t much good with small vermin-like animals so I kinda wrote off the whole vet idea. I was happy with my ducks and chickens and that was really the end of it.

I started off at CFM on a business & admin apprenticeship – which I actually really enjoyed! I was smashing the coursework and everything was a doddle. Unfortunately I had to quit this course and moved to a different department and offered a different course. A course that sucked and a job that was made for monkeys. I was given a few more roles within the company and towards the end I spent my time driving tractors around and updating the website, which I did enjoy, but ultimately I was miserable in a job that didn’t push me at all. I was – for want of a better word – a skivvy.

After working at CFM for a few years right out of school, I got pregnant with my first little monkey, Amelia. I continued working for a few months and then I left for maternity leave, had Max the following year and never went back. Being the family business I suppose there’s always the option to work there again but I’m realising that I want a job helping people and one where I make a difference.

And so I came up with My Next Move – College & Degrees. 

When Amelia was born and I was thinking about college, my main concern was school holidays, and so I thought about being a year 1 teacher – meaning all holidays would already be sorted and I wouldn’t miss my children at all. I was also toying around with the idea of becoming a midwife but the hours were inconvienent with school times. Then I gave birth to Max, and after a few months he was poorly so we ended up down at the hospital and I thought about a career in paediatric nursing, which is the route I’m pretty sure of now.

It’s so hard to know exactly what is going to work well for my family and I and to be honest I’m just really excited to learn something new, and there’s always the option to try something else if this isn’t for me. I guess I just love learning!

How did you decide on your career path? Were you influenced in any way or did you have a long term dream? I’d love to know! 🙂


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  1. I had no idea what I wanted to do when ifirst left school but when I did settle on my career path I’ve stayed on it for the past 20 years. I went back to work after both my boys but I’m just about ready to give up now if only my lottery ticket would come in:)

  2. Up until recently I literally had no idea what I wanted to do with my life. I drifted from one retail job to the next. Now I have decided I want to write and I’m going with that to see how far it takes me! Best of luck with your new path it sounds really exciting! #kcacols

  3. It’s so hard to decide isn’t it. Who knows what we want to do when we leave school. I believe we’re too inexperienced to really know at that age. I mean we have no life experiences, but we’re expected to pick a job. My step daughter is currently in Uni to become a nurse – for special care babies – drawing on her experience of my children who were born premature and were in special care. You sound like you’re very motivated. Thanks for linking up to #TheFridayLinky

  4. Always difficult to decide on your path in life although you seem to know where you are going Thanks for linking to the #THAT FRIDAY LINKY come back next week please

  5. Do you ever really know what you want to do? For me, it was more like my career chose me. And 13 years and 3 children later, I just couldn’t fit everything in anymore. So I guess while some have always known and go after it, other never really know… You change, your circumstances change, and so do your dreams and ideas! I love learning too! Good luck with your next steps and thanks so much for linking up at #KCACOLS. Hope to see you again next time!

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