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Jack’s cousin Stevie who blogs over at A Cornish Mum did a great post about opening a new shop in about local town – Truro – called Smiggle (which you can read here!)

I had never heard of this store before until I read Stevie’s post, and on my next trip into Truro I definitely had to hunt this place down..

.. and I am definitely a little bit obsessed now.

They have a great competition on where you can win your Wishlist which you can enter here. All you have to do is share your top 10 products from Smiggle then tell them in 25 words or less why you want to win. Pretty simple right?!

So I thought I would share with you my Smiggle Wish list:

1 – Ice Cream Coin purse £8.50

I love a cute coin purse and this one is definitely super cute! It smells really great too and I know that Amelia would love this too for her pound obsession!


 2 – Fluffy Penguin Trolley £45

Taking Amelia on holiday is something that I really want to do often throughout her life and every little traveller needs a cute trolley bag for her accessories and toys.


3 – Hardtop Owl Trolley £45

This is another lovely one that would be great for holidays but I think it would also be awesome for pulling her toys and bits and bobs around the house too.


4 – 2017 Diary £12.50

When blogging I like to write down when my posts are scheduled and include the linkys I have taken part in so a big diary would be prefect!


5 – 2017 Family Organiser £10

Amelia is doing a lot more activities like her playgroups and gymnastics and Jack and I do too so a family organiser would be so useful for us to well.. basically just be more organised!


6 – Scented Strawberry Milkshake Pencil Case £11.50

I am obsessed with stationary and funky pens so this scented strawberry pencil case would be the an awesome place to store them.


7 – Scented Paint £7

This would be more one for Amelia for when she’s a bit bigger and can be more trusted with painting!


8 – Multi Pen & Pencil Pack £28

I think Amelia and I would definitely share these when we do some crafts and artwork.


9 – Silicone Kitty Drink Bottle £13

I can just see Amelia looking really cute wondering around drinking out of this cute kitty bottle. A great feature it has is that when it’s empty it folds down really small so it doesn’t take up too much room in your bag!


10 – Glitter Markers £10

These would be so cool for jotting down notes in my blog book and making it look really pretty.


There are loads more things that I would love to get from Smiggle and I have to share the rest with you.


Erasable Markers – £10

Bouncy Scented Goo -£7

Light Up Glitter Ball – £6

Liquid Chalk Markers – £4 each


Farm Animal Erasers – £4.50

Scented Gel Sticks – £4.50

Colour Change Markers – £10

Juicy Scented Eraser Box – £4.50


Colour Change Erase Markers – £10

Macaron Erasers – £4.50

Christmas Bauble Erasers – £4.50

Twist Up Crayons – £15


This advent calendar looks pretty amazing. There’s £38 worth of goodies inside for just £28 and even the chance to win a Smiggle shopping spree with £250 of you find 1 of 25 tickets.

So this is my Smiggle Wish List! What’s yours?


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  1. My niece loves this stuff – and I can see why. They have some gorgeous things. I’m a bit of a stationary horder so I don’t think I’d be safe in there – at least not with my bank card on me! #sharingthebloglove

  2. I saw that milk container pencil case in store the other day it is so adorable! I ended up picking up a super cute lunch box and a new sparkly lamp for my daughter Congrats on the feature for #sharingthebloglove

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