My Weekly Aims

I’m in mild disbelief that we’re actually in October already and have only 2 months left until Christmas, and the end of 2016. I feel like the weeks are just turning in to months and life is going by in total blur!

Each week seems to be the same and pretty boring for us. We go to playgroup twice a week then we’re usually just at home unless we go over to my mums house and I spend most of my time sat on the sofa so I’m going to make a change!


  1. Take Amelia and Max to the local park once a week – A park is such a free and simple way to let your children have fun whilst getting fresh air and exercise but not enough of us take advantage of such places. Well that is about to change in my household because a, we have a brand new toddler friendly park just a 20 minute walk away and Amelia loves it! Plus it will help me reach my weekly target of..
  2. Go for a 30 minute walk twice a week – After having Max and putting on a lot of weight, I really do need to exercise and try and get into better shape, preferably not just a blob and actually get some tone back. Walking is the easiest and simplest way to exercise, keep healthy whilst getting fresh air unfortunately I fail to do this most months let alone most weeks.img_5478
  3. Do an exercise DVD at home twice a week – I really love the 3 Minutr Belly Blitz by Charlotte Crosby. It’s fun, it’s lighthearted and damn it’s tough! I’m not really a fan of sweating but this DVD makes you pour in sweat whilst really feeling the results the next day and seeing the results on the scales at the weekly weigh ins. The first week I still ate junk and only did it 3 times and I lost 5lbs! I was really happy with this, but like typical me I haven’t carried on consistently. Which leads me to..
  4. Lose 2 lbs – This is a loss I would be happy with per week and it beats staying the same weight for months!
  5. Drink more water – Basically all I drink is squash which is full of sugar so isn’t the best and definitely won’t help towards that 2lb a week loss! Water is a lot healthier and very purifying so this is definitely a change I need to make.img_5479
  6. Eat better – I’m an all or nothing kinda girl. I either eat everything – and this is all bad stuff like chocolate – or I eat nothing. Neither of which is healthy so I really need to learn to love fruit and veg and start eating right.
  7. Read more – Reading has always been a love of mine and I recently bought myself the Hobbit and Lord of The Rings bookset. I love the films so thought the books would definitely ge worth a read. The only problem is that I’ve been so glued to my phone either texting, blogging, reading other people’s blogs or checking social media that I have completely neglected my books.img_5480
  8. Put £2 in Amelia and Max’s money boxes – I think this will be a great way to save for their futures. Amelia currently has a piggy bank that I only put pound coins in and once it’s full I will take the pounds to the bank and get them changed into notes for their tins or put them into a bank account once I open them both up one.

So so these are my weekly aims – What are yours?


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  1. These sound like good plans which seem achievable however having not had time to shower or clean my teeth, I know how having kids makes anything hard due to time. I look forward to seeing if you manage to keep up with these!

    1. I’m the same sometimes, but I’m very lucky that they’re both happy to entertain themselves for a bit so I can do things and I definitely make the most of nap time to do some exercise 🙂 Thankyou for reading

  2. It’s great to have aims, you sound like you’ve got it sussed. We are currently trying a new tidy up routine!! It’s only been going just over a week with various results!! Thanks for linking up with us #FabFridayPost

  3. I have lived in UK for a while and one thing I can attest is the twice a week visits to the local children centre or a play group tends to get boring for the mothers. The cold, crisp fresh air of the park soothes the mind more. In my case, I felt the cold numbed my mind limiting its capacity to create projections 😀 I would like to wish you all the best for the coming week.
    i am visiting from the #mg linkup.

  4. Well done on the exercise DVD – that sounds intense! I cut out squash a while back when I was trying to get my son to drink water and I hardly miss it at all now. I’m definitely an all or nothing girl too when it comes to food and exercise – I’m in a bit of a nothing phase at the moment, definitely need to sort that out! Thanks for joining us at #SharingtheBlogLove

  5. I honestly don’t know where October has gone, the weeks are flying by at the moment. This is a great idea to help focus on what you need and want to get done each week. It can be easy to just to the same things over and over. Thank you for joining us at #SharingtheBlogLove x

  6. This is a great idea, I should really write a list of things we intend to do as I always forget. >_< Thanks for linking up to #MarvMondays. Kaye xo

  7. Well done you, for setting yourself some realistic goals. I love walking and having our Little Orange Dog really helps. Hope you’re having a fab week #MMBC

  8. I need to do all the above, I am feeling sluggish right now. It is Spring here so the weather is slowly and I do mean slowly improving so I need to get walking. I just discovered your Instagram feed and oh my gosh how gorgeous are your children!!! Good luck with your aims! Thank you so much for linking up with #mg hope to see you here next week xx

    1. Aw Thankyou! They are pretty cute when they want to be haha. I’m struggling with exercise now since it’s winter and freezing! X

  9. Oh my gosh I am right there with you. I really need to try and save more, it’s something I keep telling myself I will start next month but here I am month 10 of the year still waiting. Definitely need to get outside more, take advantage of this Autumn weather before it gets too cold. We don’t have much in our area that is good for my little one, luckily we live across the road from a little grassy type area with a path so we go on small walks. Love this post, great simple aims too. Good luck! #twinklytuesday

  10. I love that you’ve set achievable goals in a short time frame. I think that’s far easier than grand schemes that take a year or more. #TwinklyTuesday

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