Non Toy Gift Idea’s For Children 

If you’re a parent, you probably have a house overflowing with toys and also probably dread birthdays and Christmas. With the influx of extra toys you have no idea where to put, and no idea what to buy for your children that will actually get used and not just added to the toy pile after an excitable 5 minutes of being played with.. Well I hear ya! And I’m here to help with my list of Non Toy Gift Idea’s For Children.

#1 Seeds – Gardening is a great way to get children outdoors and breathing fresh air. Seeds for young children is an exciting challenge to see how fast they grow and what to grow into as well as giving them a bit of responsibility looking after something.

#2 Lessons – Dancing, music, singing, horse riding, gymnastics,boxing, karate.. The choices are endless and you’re bound to find something perfect to keep your child/ren entertained and having fun. And for older children driving lessons is a good gift.

#3 Baking Supplies – Children love baking and being included in grown up tasks and when it comes to baking it is both fun and tasty – a perfect combination for kids! It helps children to learn life skills which is always a bonus, and a kiddie set means keeping mucky hands and dribble away from the ones everybody will actually want to eat!

#4 Tickets – Cinema, a play, music concert or maybe a sports event are all great ideas as gifts to give children as well as something to look forward to and a way to create new memories.

#5 Membership – Zoo, theme parks, museums or a National Trust membership is a great family gift. Days out aren’t cheap so a gift of a yearly membership is a great idea.

#6 Craft Supplies – Arts and crafts are a great way to keep children entertain and encourage their creative side and bring out their imagination. Paints, glue, different bits to stick down and crayons are excellent gift ideas. As a 2nd birthday present for Amelia I really love the Carry Caddy from the Great Little Trading Company as a way of storing her craft supplies.

#7 Gift Card – A gift card for game shops, DVD’s, clothes, home ware, groceries, restaurants, App store or whatever interests the person in question is a really great gift, especially when you aren’t 100% sure on what to give them.

#8 Books – This is a perfect gift to encourage imaginations and learning.

#9 Subscriptions – Giving the gift of a subscription gives children something to look forward to each month or fortnight. I got Amelia a subscription for zoo animal books and figures which are really great! Another one could be a magazine that interests the person you are buying for.

#10 Dressing Up Supplies – Clothes and different accessories for imaginative play are perfect idea’s for young children.

#11 Hair Accessories – Hair bands, clips and brushes are great gifts for little girls. For boys hair gel is an idea.

#12 Room Makeover – This could be bedroom, playroom  or like us the living room where most of he toys are stored. Children will love this as it gives a change to somewhere most likely outdated and boring in their eyes some new freshness.

#13 Board Games – Board games are great fun for all the family to get involved with. Maybe have game night once a week to encourage family bonding. Individual puzzles and educational games can really boost brain development too which is always a bonus!

#14 Outdoor Games/Supplies – Rounders, cricket and footballs are nice ways to get children outdoors. For toddlers try a little play house, slide, peddle cars/bikes/tractors. Jack really loves fishing and this is something that Amelia and Max will also definitely be getting into so fishing tackle is great for children with an interest in this area

#15 Clothes – You cant go wrong with clothes. Children always need clothes.

#16 Food – You also cant go wrong with food, as we all know children love food!

#18 Stationary – Journals, notebooks, cool pencils, pens etc.

#19 DVD’s, Films, Movies – Rainy days call for films on the sofa so in preparation for these days include a couple of enjoyable DVD’s as birthday and Christmas gifts.

#20 Jewelry & Accessories – Watches and sunglasses for boys and necklaces, bracelets, earrings and nail varnish are perfect for little girls.

#21 Musical Instruments – These can be great for younger children to help them explore and develop an interest in an area.

#22 Activities – Taking children out to do a type of sport is an excellent gift. Fresh air and fun is what all children need and also a great way to spend time as a family. Nice ideas are mini golf, ice skating, bowling or some type of adventure activities.

And so there is my guide for Non Toy Gift Idea’s For Children. Hopefully you will find it helpful and find the perfect gift for your children.

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  1. Really great ideas as we never know what to tell family and friends to get Mia as we are not really ‘into’ plastic toys and try to avoid at all costs! I think the memberships idea is a great one as its something you can do more than once! Also really like the gift cards idea as Mia is 3, she likes to choose her own bits and pieces a bit more now 🙂


  2. What brilliant ideas, the boys love having magazine subscriptions arrive each month although theirs have run out now. LOVE the George outfit by the way ha! Thanks for linking up to #PicknMix lovely

    Stevie x

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