Our Perfect Date Night

When you have children time alone can be very hard to come by. We had decided to do a little date night once a month so we can be baby free and have some us time. This was our idea a month after Max was born. He’s 7 months old now and we’ve had a grand total of 1 date night.

I’ll start off by telling you what happened on our one and only date night – my mum had Amelia and Max for the night and we planned to go to the cinema and have a nice tea somewhere. At this point Max was still up every hour or two all night long so we were shattered! After picking up a few bits from Argos (a few birthdays were coming up) we both realised that neither of us could be bothered at all to sit in a cinema for 2 hours and knew we would more than likely just end up falling asleep and regretting staying out until 11 o’clock. Thankfully we both had the same thinking! We went to the local kebab shop and headed back home. After watching some xfactor we ended up fast asleep in bed at 9 o’clock!

Neither of us are really into going out an sitting in a busy restaurant having a meal nor going out drinking so a chilled night in is the best thing we could have.

So I thought I would share with you Our Perfect Date Night.

Its really simple, a yummy home cooked meal of steak, mushrooms, chips, peas and peppercorn sauce, catching up on a box set and an early night.

Now that both Amelia and Max are going to bed at 7pm we have plenty of time in the evenings to spend time together so we don’t really need a date night that often. Every so often we will get a tea time alone and in the comfort of our own home we are free to chat, eat junk and I can make Jack as many cups of tea as he wants!

Our perfect date night. Every night.

What’s your perfect date night?



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  1. Ah I hear that. Our kids go to bed at 7 so it is nice to be able to sit and chill with your dinner a glass of wine and a good box set. I have lost so much of my life to box sets lol. I must say though my perf cut date night would be put of the house with a nice meal, nice bottle of bubble and maybe even a swanky bar. Not home too late though as fate night is always followed by an early start with two little ones lol. Thanks for joining us at #familyfun xx

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