Parent & Toddler Parking Spaces

When you have a baby or a toddler, or both, the parent and toddler spaces in car parks are pretty important.

It really drives me insane when people park in these spaces when they have children over the age of 5 and have no young children. I have no idea whether it’s a law or not but I think parents have a moral obligation to look at their children and question whether or not they really need to use a parent and toddler space when out and about.

Personally I think if you have children old enough to walk properly, not run off, know not to bash up a neighbouring car and that do not require a fiddly car seat then you do not have any need for a parent and toddler parking space.


For me having a baby and a toddler I really do need the room to be able to open the door wide in order to fit a car seat in and wrestle a tantruming toddler into her car seat.

I think it’s really rude when people park in these spaces and have no real need, especially as there is a limited number. Quite often we end up hovering around the parent and toddler bay like an irritating fly ready to land on an unsuspecting family about to leave so shopping with two under two is made marginally easier.

Maybe we need more spaces, or maybe they just need to be used properly.

Does this bug you too??

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  1. What really bugs me is car parks that don’t have enough parent and baby spaces. So many car parks only have 2 or 3 parent and baby spaces, but then when you go into say the supermarket you see loads of mums with buggies. Some places need to assess their customer base better. Pen x #KCACOLS

    1. That bugs me too! I don’t care about being closer to the door I just need the room! I’d be happy if they made the furthest part of the car park away from the door wider As long as there were more spaces!
      Thankyou for reading and commenting 🙂

  2. I think this subject is more complicated, unfortunately. Sometimes my husband and I ‘cross-over’, literally swapping the kids between us as one finishes a shift and the other starts due to the fact we both have to work and can’t afford much childcare. Becuase of this, sometimes one or both of us will have parked in a parent space because we genuinely need the room to get the baby out of his car seat and into his buggy, or from the buggy into a car seat etc but after/before the shift, we are entering/leaving with no child in tow. It would be easy for someone to see this and judge us, for ‘not needing the space’ when in fact we do. Since we’ve had to work around each other like this i’ve tried to take a step back and give people the benefit of the doubt more often. x #kcacols

    1. Yes I think in some cases it’s fair enough if you do both need them and other people may have the same problem and use them just like you do but then I would hope that whomever doesn’t have any children to put back into the car once they are taken out would then make a space for parents or minders going in and out with children afterwards.
      I just think that a lot of people think because they have a car seat then they can get away with parking in these spaces too (I’m not saying it’s you but I have seen plenty of people doing so)
      Thankyou for reading and taking the time to comment 🙂

  3. I was sat in the car feeding Bryce the other day and an old couple came out of the supermarkert, go in there car and drove off. I made the assumption that there were no disable bays left so they decided to park in parent and child! I couldnt believe it! Its not like we would park in a disabled bay because there were no parent and child!! Plus, there are usually far more disabled over parent and child! Idiots!

  4. Oh this is a huge pet peeve in our house – for hubby more so than me. He gets so cross when we’re out, to the point he will actually say something to the offender if he sees them. I cringe at the time but I’m actually glad he does. If there’s a possibility it stops them from doing it again then he will have achieved something. But why do some places not have nearly enough – and some car parks not have any?! #marvmondays

  5. I’ve never, ever used a parent and child parking space, because there is always going to be someone that needs it more than I do…plus, I’m a non driver and my parents, who do drive around with Evie, don’t use them either. She’s six, there’s no need for them! I agree if a child is capable if safely getting out of the car and not running off then any other space will be fine. #MarvMondays

  6. I’m not so bothered when people with older kids park in them, so much as people without kids at all! Really I think a big issue is car parks and trying to squeeze as many cars into the smallest space possible – I do think lots of people park in them because they don’t want their door scraped, or perhaps because they find it hard to park in the smaller spaces, not because they need the room to get out of the car. Cars have got bigger over the years but spaces haven’t. #KCACOLS

  7. This makes me so mad too. They also need to stipulate that heavily pregnant women can use them too. I got stuck a couple of times unable to get back into my car because someone had parked really close to me.

  8. I didn’t realise the value of parent and baby spaces until Ben was born. Oh my word how awkward is it when you’re struggling to put the seat in! I hate it more when parents use a space when the child isn’t in the car or even picking the child up! They should know better

  9. I don’t know anyone this doesn’t annoy! Our supermarket near us have loads which is great but they are often full and not used correctly. I saw one man once in his 50/60’s, small hatchback, NO CHILDREN load up his boot with loads of alcohol before driving off. He basically couldn’t be bothered to walk an extra 50 yards away from the shop. I wonder if less people would abuse the spaces if they weren’t positioned right out the front of shops? I understand that for safety they should be as close to the entrance as possible, but what if they were further? I haven’t found any near us that don’t require us to cross the carpark at some point. I would be happy to walk a little further for the convenience of space size. I think the ‘white van drivers’ are the worst offenders but perhaps they are just the most identifiable.

  10. It’s definitely a bug bear of mine too! Our car doors are so heavy, they tend to swing open and it can be difficult to try to stop the door from bashing the other car whilst getting the baby out! Although I have to admit my husband parks in them when we pop to the shops and I jump out but don’t get baby out which I always shout at him for as there is no need!! #MarvMondays

  11. I do agree with you, but I think that it is important to know that even children of 5 and 6 still sometimes need help getting into and out of car seats! My kids are 4 and 6 and my son really struggles to get himself into his car seat as we still use a 5 point harness and will probably do it for as long as able. I think once the children are able to get themselves in and strap themselves into their seats then it would be quite reasonable to ask people to park in normal spaces as they wouldn’t need to have the doors open as widely. I think that it might help if spaces were further away from the front door – I don’t mind walking and then it might deter people from parking in them! #marvmondays

  12. I do agree with you on some level. Older kids who are old enough to be able to get in and out of the car safely shouldn’t be using these bays. It does bug me when I see parents with children aged 10 and over using them. However I have a 3 and 6 year old and whilst my eldest can undo his seatbelt himself he does need the extra space for opening he door to get in and out and so we still use them.

    Thank you for linking up to #KCACOLS and I hope to see you back again on Sunday x

  13. I understand how annoying this can be. My kids are much older now (one can even drive herself!!)and I would not dream of ever using them. Thanks so much for linking up at #KCACOLS. Hope you come back again next Sunday

  14. I hate it when people who don’t need them take the spaces.I only use them if my kids are with me and then it’s only so I have room to open the doors to strap them in,if they just made all the spaces bigger it would help a lot!#kcacols

  15. Oh this really gets my back up, especially when I see people with no children parking in parent and baby spaces. I think its both, I think we need more spaces and I think people need to have common decency and use them properly. It really, really offends me when I see this happen and I cant find a space when I have the two little ones with me. I could write a post on this myself! Thanks for sharing it on #MarvMondays. Emily

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