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Watching TV is one of the rare things I’m pretty darn great at. Having recently subscribed to Netflix (yup I’m slightly behind!) I’ve found so many brilliant new series, and I’m also able to catch up on the old greats! So here is my little listy of Series I’m Obsessed With! (They aren’t just all Netflix by the way!!)


I feel like I should have been born in the era of corsets, posh voices and big puffy dresses. Reign is a real period drama that gets you really rooting for relationships and characters, and it has the power to devestate you when things don’t go quite to plan. I really love how well Adelaide Kane portrays Mary Queen of Scots and of course she’s gorgeous with all the future kings falling at her feet. I love this series so much.

Pretty Little Liars

I’ve been hooked by PLL for years, since I read the first book and then realised they were also making it into a series. We’re almost 7 series in and still I’m completely hooked by the mystery stalker! Get your girlfriends together, and binge on PLL on Netflix under a blanket covered up on the sofa.

Gilmore Girls

The Gilmore Girls are any parents mother/daughter dream. (If you watch The Gilmore Girls that is, if not then you won’t know what the heck I’m on about!) When I was in school and watching Loreli and Rory’s sarcastic, banterful, loveable, coffee fuelled relationship I knew straight away that these girls are living my dream. Small everyone-knows-everything town, a super close bond with my super smart daughter and independent feisty and free! Loreli is the mum every mum wants to be and Rory is the A* student that every parent dreams for their children to achieve.

And if you’re not Team Luke & Loreli then I’m sorry, we can’t be friends.

Jane The Virgin

A comical, mystery, filled with surprise turns and a loveable family everybody is sure to get behind – Jane is a pretty great human being with a surely unique and drama filled, crazy story.


Another one that started out with books that turned into a viewing obsession. Romance, drama and horses!


Another period drama to add to my list! At this point it’s pretty obvious that I’m just in love with happy ever after love, and unlikely people coming together. I’m awaiting series two and can’t wait for autumn!

Game Of Thrones

Jon Snow. That’s pretty much the main reason I can think of for watching GOT. Oh, and also it’s bloody brilliant.

What series are you obsessed with? I’m always open to getting gripped by something new and exciting. Or maybe we have the same taste? Please let me know in the comments! 🙂


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