The Reality Of 2 Under 2

Having 2 under 2 isn’t easy. It’s way easier than 2 under 3 however, those terrible 2’s are a complete nightmare as I’m now realising! But when you have two children close together it throw’s your life into complete and utter chaos. On one hand it’s amazing and watching your children bond and grow together is really lovely and then on the other you have a screaming baby and a tantruming toddler both at the same time.. So here is what I have learnt about The Reality Of 2 Under 2.

  1. Give it a month and your camera roll will be full of over a hundred photos of sometimes cute but mostly forced and almost devastatingly close to perfection shots where the toddler just seems to drop the baby’s head or the entire baby right at the last second whilst they’re both crying out in rejection to the whole wonderful idea. And it doesn’t get any easier when they’re bigger!
  2. You will seriously overcompensate with your first so they don’t feel left out.
  3. A big brother/sister & little brother/sister t-shirts are a must!
  4. You’ll feel very guilty that you do a lot less for & with baby number 2. classes, weekly weigh ins turn to monthly (again if you’re lucky) weigh ins.
  5. Leaving the house is a nightmare!! it often takes serious planning and the need to get up an extra hour or five just to get ready in time (which of course is impossible since you have a new baby and a toddler running on about 2 hours sleep!! and that’s only if you’re lucky!)
  6. Say goodbye to coffee morning (or anything in the mornings)
  7. You compare them.. a lot. Even though  you neither want to nor mean to.
  8. You’ll feel very guilty that you do a lot less for & with baby number 2. classes, weekly weigh-ins turn to monthly weigh-ins. (again if you’re lucky)
  9. Baby number two often gets lost in the motions. You’ll be sat in the evening whilst the children are all in bed with an overwhelming feeling of guilt that other than a quick change and feed you haven’t actually spent any alone time together.
  10. You aren’t really bother about making weaning food from scratch – ready made jars and pouches are a life saver!!
  11. Grandparents seem much less eager for childcare duties..
  12. Shopping pretty much sucks. They’re likely to be hitting one another and demanding food non stop.
  13. Online shopping is your new best friend.
  14. Matching outfits are a must!
  15. The question ‘A third couldn’t possibly be much different.. could it??’ pops up now and again..
  16. You’ll receive way less birthing presents and new baby cards – a second obviously isn’t as exciting..
  17. The TV is often your best friend and toddler sitter – Thank the lord for Nick Jr & Paw Patrol!
  18. You definitely do have enough love for two. All that fretting is pretty pointless, you really do love the second just as much as the first.



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