Time For Playgroup?

I feel like as a mother I’m far too needy to be without either of my children if they went to playgroup for a few hours each week. Maybe this is true of all stay at home parents since our children are glued to us 24/7, even when using the loo!

Right now this is definitely true for Amelia more than Max – he’s almost 6 months old and sleeps a lot during the day in his beloved bouncer that be practically have to prize him out of. Whereas Amelia is almost 2 and a real character. Even when they go to my mums house for the night or even just a few hours I feel like I’m without a limb and am constantly finding things to point out for her or wanting to talk to her about some thing or show her what’s going on. I know as soon as Max is a bit more mobile and chatty I’ll definitely be feeling the needy loss just like Amelia and it’ll be even more frustrating and lonely without them both!


I have no idea how both me or Amelia will cope when she goes to school full time. I know that it’s a long way off yet (2 years roughly?) but that time will fly by, and the school days will come around so quickly.

So this is what has prompted the playgroup? question. Playgroup isn’t necessary at all for our life in general because I’m at home all of the time anyway and if ever I’m in need for a babysitter I know that Nannie is right around the corner. However maybe it is necessary for Amelia to have that bit of distance and to be with strangers rather than her family all of the time; that way the transition to full time school would be much easier for her to handle?

Another thing that prevents me from taking the leap is that for almost 2 years now only myself and family have taken care of her and the thought of a stranger doing that is really not a nice thought at all.

Will she be happy?

Will she be scared?

Will she feel totally abandoned?

Will she have loads and loads of fun and not miss us at all?

Will she wonder why Max gets to stay with mummy and she’s ‘sent away’?

I guess I’ll never know until we really do take the leap. For the most part I think it will benefit her in the long run which is great, and maybe the distance will do both of us the world of good and I can learn to let go a little bit more.


What are your views of playgroup before school?


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  1. It is a very big step and can be a bit scary to start playgroup. Both of mine went though and it all turned out fine for us. I think they have ups and downs. They’ll neither miss you all day nor forget about you. #fortheloveofBLOG

  2. It’s a huge step and I was really worried about how the children would react, but it was the making of all of them! I think it is always going to be harder for us than it is them, I was the one in tears on their first days – not them! Thank you for linking up with #fortheloveofBLOG

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