Today Started With Me.

Well it wasnt actually today, it was yesterday and it was great!

A typical Wednesday for us means wake up, get ready and then off to a morning session of stay and play. Usually this means waking up half an hour before we have to leave, rushing around like a mad woman trying to make Amelia eat her breakfast in a timely manner, dress a toddler and baby and then throw my hair up in a Mum bun and find something quick to wear.

Yesterday I woke up a little bit earlier and left the babies in bed for an hour and actually did my hair and make up for once! It feels like it’s been years since I’ve actually made any effort with myself and it was a really nice change!

My hair was straight

My eyes were black

My clothes were clean.

It doesn’t sound like much – it isn’t – nor is it the achievement of the century but it was a huge achievement for me and it really was something big.

Typically as mothers we take so much time making sure out children are perfectly groomed and well fed that we often neglect ourselves and end up going out looking well.. nor our best. I’d be a total hypocrite if I sat here and told you all to take some time for yourself and treat yourself – child free. It’s not something that I do at all but it’s something we should ALL be doing.


What have you done this month for you?


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  1. I know exactly what you mean! In a morning I quickly run the brush through my hair, wash, and get dressed. (usually leggings and a baggy top) then out the door for the school run. I havnt had my hair cut for nearly a year!! we really should make more time for “ourselves”

  2. Wow, I barely remember what it feels like to have freshly cleaned and straightened hair, clean clothes and makeup on!
    My husband was lovely enough to look after our little one all day on Saturday so I could spend it writing and scheduling blog posts 🙂 The last time I had time for myself before that was probably when I went to get my nails done while he looked after her. It was amazing to just do something slightly luxurious! #bigpinklink

  3. I think as mothers, we are so busy caring for our children, and other responsibilities that we forget to take care of ourselves. A little “me-time” can go a long way! #fortheloveofBLOG

  4. I totally agree with you, we should all try to dedicate time for ourselves, even if just 5 minutes. Getting ready in the morning is a nightmare especially when our daughter is awake when I’m trying to get ready. I do always try to make an effort for work, but there are some days when it’s trainers and a hoody. Thanks for linking up at #fortheloveofBLOG. Claire x

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