Top Gifts For A New Mum

Sometimes it can be really hard to know what to get a new mum. Do you go for the toy route – when they probably have a tonne and of course a new born baby is too young to play with them, or do you go the clothes route – when they probably have loads of them too! Well here are a few slightly unusual but really helpful Top Gift For A New Mum.

Bio oil

This one is at the top of my list and something you really can never ever get enough of. Whether you’ve had 5 babies or are now pregnant with your first, bio oil will always come in handy for easing away those stretch marks and blemishes you’re most likely to get from carrying a baby. I would have loved for everybody to have only bought me bio oil when I was pregnant with both Amelia and Max – it is doable using it daily to get rid of unwanted stretch marks now you’ve expanded and then given birth, but it is so much easier to try and keep them at bay in the first place.

Newborn nappies

It’s true what they say, you really can never have enough nappies. I couldn’t believe how many I went through with Amelia, and then with Max’s typical boy spontaneous wee’s, it meant sometimes I had to change his nappy before I’d even managed to do it up!

Wet wipes

As a parent I have developed a bit of an obsession for wet wipes, I use them on everything! From cleaning smelly bums, to wiping food from mysterious places they really are a top item to keep stocked up on.

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Tesco, Sainsbury’s, Next.. anywhere really!

Fresh fruit & veg

The last thing people feel like doing after having a baby is shopping. Even if the fridge has been well stocked with lovely fresh food, chances are that by the time parents actually come around to using them – maybe there was an overnight or two in hospital – they could be spoiled. Keeping up nutrition is so important for a mother especially after the ordeal their bodies have just been through.


You can never have enough caffeine when you have a new baby! And of course all of the new baby visitors will need something to drink!


New mums probably won’t realise how many vests they’ll go through until their baby has been sick or pooed right through for the eighth time that day – you can never have enough vests!


Any dribbled milk or sick is easily mopped up with a handy muslin. They can be great for cleaning, using as a bib or for your little one to snuggle.

Milton wipes, steriliser tablets etc

For a quick way to make sure toys and surfaces are germ free.

Nimble Babies

I recently did a post about the Nimble babies Milk Buster and I really wish I had known about this all along!

So this is my list of the top gifts for a new mum. What else would you add?


Pink Pear Bear
Cuddle Fairy

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