Welcome To The World Baby Max!!

This past week I haven’t really been keeping up with blogging at all, and here’s why! Our baby boy finally decided to make an appearance and come and meet his mummy, daddy and big sister almost three weeks ago!

It took us a few days to finally decide on a name for him because there was nothing that really jumped out at me when we were looking and Jack only chose names from the film Gladiator. My shortlist was Arthur, Oliver and Theo, and Jack’s was Maximus (from the Gladiator film) and Jack after himself as ‘Jack’ isn’t actually his real/legal name, just what he has always been called ad he wanted a real Jack in the family. As we couldn’t decide before he was born, I was hoping that as soon as I saw his face a name would just come to me, but this didn’t happen..

Instead, after a few days of calling him ‘baby’ and Jack slipping in ‘Max’ and ‘Maximus’, I was forced to accept the fact that he really did look like a Max, and now I couldn’t be happier that Jack won. Max is just the perfect name for our little boy.

This really is the perfect name and holds everything I find most key in a baby name – it has a strong meaning and isn’t over used like a lot of names these days so hopefully there won’t be 5 children in his class with the same name!

I was so worried before Max was born how Amelia would be affected and whether she would be a total nightmare but honestly she’s been amazing! We’ve had a few minor incidents like when she hit him on the back of the head, and accidentally threw a phone at his head and accidentally knocked the remote so it fell on his head, but other than that she really has been a great big sister. She lets me know when he cries by crying or shouting as well, she tries to pick him up and cuddle him, and like’s to tell him where his nose and eyes are (and only very gently pokes his eye before I have to remind her he’s little and probably doesn’t like to be poked in the eye), she loves to share her toys with him – even if she is slightly rough and pushes them right into his face.. Or tries to open his fingers and force him to hold them, and she also loves to hold his hand.. even if she does squeeze it slightly hard..

Now time for some photos..

First cuddles with daddy <3


Leaving the hospital












Amelia leaving the hospital & Max leaving the hospital


When Amelia met Max..



Uncle James, Amelia & Baby Max


Max meeting Nannie S








First wash


Baby Max meeting big Max




First kisses from big sister <3


First time shopping with both babies


First time in his Kari-me sling
First walk post birth



























First time visiting the lake


Amelia, just born & Max, just born

The first time I looked at Max I couldn’t believe just how much him and Amelia looked alike! It really was like looking at Amelia all over again. Max was roughly 6oz lighter than Amelia at birth and had a bit less hair but other than they could have been twins for sure!


Thanks for reading! xx


Best of Worst

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