Why I Chose Bottle Over Breast.. Twice.

When you’re pregnant you are constantly being told that breast is best – which maybe true in some cases, but not for me. we’re constantly being told that babies that aren’t breastfed will have a low IQ or a weaker immune system and I’m here to tell you why – for me – bottle beat breast and why it is okay to NOT breastfeed.

Of course breastfeeding is an amazing thing and for those that want to do it and are able to do it it is an amazing bonding experience between mother and child and naturally, full of great benefits for both. But personally I didn’t feel comfortable at all with the prospect of breast feeding in public or at home and around family. Amelia hit all of her milestones early and is incredibly switched on picks up new things so quickly and easily which is why I know being bottle fed hasn’t affected her IQ or any other nonsense. She has also never been poorly (touch wood) or suffered with digestive problems so I don’t think it has weakened her immune system either. Weaning was never a problem as she always eats well and her stomach has never had a problem with formula or food now. This is why I know that bottle feeding was the right choice for us. It also gave the chance for Jack and Amelia to bind whilst giving me time to myself whilst he handled a fussy Amelia that wanted feeding. Now that’s not to say that I think she would have been worse off if she had been breast fed, I am just merely indicating how bottle feeding really hasn’t cause her issues in her life so far.

It is very wrong how society and other breast feeding mothers make mothers that bottle feed feel guilty when our main concern should be that our children re happy and healthy – not how they get that way. People forget that some mothers try as they may, are just unable to breast feed and they shouldn’t be punished for that. Just as mothers whom don’t feel comfortable with breast feeding should also not be criticised.

I liked using bottles, of course it had its down sides at times like the monotonous washing, sterilising, then making, but over all they worked well with our lifestyle. Bottle feeding has the benefit of being able to pass baby over to dad or grandparents so you can have 5 minutes to do some house work, take a shower or even just sit down with your hands free. On a slightly selfish note, I didn’t really fancy wandering around with leaking and sore breasts and in all honesty, it made me feel like a dairy cow all the times I did feed her at night! I never really worried about the extra nutrients Amelia may or may not be missing out on because it was never apparent that it was having a big affect on her.

 I also really love that Amelia sleeps ALL night and if I want to sleep in until 10am, she actually allows this and I put it down to not being over clingy and reliant on the breast for comfort more than anything. A lot of people at her playgroup that breastfed have said that their babies don’t sleep well at night, even now when they’re over a year old. Don’t get me wrong Amelia and I still have an amazing bond and mother-daughter connection and to be honest were pretty inseparable so being bottle fed hasn’t affected that at all either.

We should all respect and encourage whatever feeding choice a mother makes and be glad that they’re doing what is best for their child. I’m happy to see a baby being bottle fed out and about and I’m happy to see babies being breast fed whilst out and about so whichever decision you make or have made then good on you and don’t let other people make you feel bad about the choices you made for your child – I know I don’t!

Did you chose bottle, breast or a combination of both?



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  1. I am with you. Had a nightmare trying to do the whole breastfeeding thing with my eldest when he was born. The breaking point for me came 3 weeks in when he wasn’t putting on weight and wasn’t sleeping and I was depressed and exhausted and 2 midwives stood at the end of my bed shaking their heads. I told them to leave my house and I went out to get some formula. I never looked back. With no.2 it wasn’t an option – I didn’t even try. Everyone is different and for me it just didn’t work. Also the bottle gives you so much freedom. Anyone can do the feeding and you get to have a life. What’s not to like? #coolmumclub

    1. I have a friend like that, and I know the pressures of breastfeeding are too much from the pushy officials and even from family and friends. I never wanted to open myself up to that and I wanted my partner and family to bond with them both through feeding too, and it gives us a break! 🙂 Thankyou for your comment and taking the time to read

  2. I wanted to breastfeed and tried but only lasted 4 weeks the first time and 4 days second time, due to complicated medical issues. I found each time that the pressure of breastfeeding was overwhelming, I’d be sobbing my heart out in the middle of the night. I definitely made the right decision switching to bottle. Both my boys are happy, healthy and very bright. Both my brother and I were also bottle fed and we are both now happy, healthy adults who, though it may sound arrogant, are also very bright. xx #coolmumclub

    1. Aw that’s awful, feeding your child should never make anybody feel like that! They really need to rethink their guidelines. Not arrogant at all, and to be honest my two are the same and have always been very strong so it really made no difference deciding to bottle feed, it doesn’t affect them at all. Thankyou x

  3. You make a great argument for pure bottle feeding to anyone who has an issue with it. I exclusively breast fed for about 4 months then switched to formula and cracked open the champagne, literally. I never came across any of these breat vs bottle bullies that are out there, thank god.
    Thanks for linking up to #coolmumclub

    1. I just feel we should all make our own choices without any criticism or people trying or persuade us otherwise. Thankyou for commenting and reading 🙂

  4. Although there is evidence for breastmilk being somewhat easier to digest and easier on gut, which makes sense simply because it is the naturally designed milk and uses no cow milk, and a SMALL immune benefit that MAY exist, all of the other supposed benefits are likely bull. It is very easy to see that the supposed benefits for IQ and long term success, etc, are a correlation linked not to the milk but the socioeconomic grouping that tends to coincide with breastfeeding. Breastfeeding rates are far higher in middle class women with higher education, for a variety of complex reasons, and it is those advantages of the mothers that lead to the apparent benefits for the babies – the mothers have increased privileges and opportunities and that is passed to the children. Bottle fed babies of equally privileged mothers show the same outcome trends. It’s very annoying that these things get reported over and over again as evidence of benefits of breastmilk, when they are not – they are a correlation explained by other factors.

    I did exclusively breastfeed my children, because I wanted to & was able to. However, my mother was not comfortable with it at all and my sister and I were formula fed from the start, and were not negatively affected at all. My sister has formula fed her baby from the start – she never considered or tried anything else as she didn’t want to. He is also fine. & health & development wise, it would not be possible to distinguish my children from my nephew.

    And, let’s be honest, in this country, the very vast majority of women do actually bottle feed. The babies seem to be doing okay!#coolmumclub

    1. I couldn’t have put it better myself 🙂 It really drives me insane that as parents we can’t freely decide what is right for our own children without people trying to manipulate and get involved. Both my two are strong and healthy and that’s all that matters. Thanks for reading and taking the time to comment

  5. Love this! I too hated the idea of whipping them out in public and got a bit embarrassed especially when I had other mums pounding on the door wanting to get in the baby changing rooms.
    Doing what is right for baby and mum is all that matters! Mine also sleeps super well and I love it!

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