Why Two Is Better Than One

Some people say that having two under two is crazy and that I must be as equally crazy for chosing to juggle and toddler and a baby both in nappies. Well sure, sometimes it’s pretty tiring and two screaming, stressy babies can make you want to rip your hair out, but there are so many ways that having two is much better than one.

1- The bigger one entertains the little one meaning you aren’t as needed as you were before hand. This is awesome when you need an hour or four to scrub the oven from top to bottom that you’ve been neglecting for months – only to find that elbow grease and cleaner really isn’t quite cutting it at this stage.


2- Double the cuddles! Amelia wasn’t ever really a cuddly baby so it’s nice now that when she isn’t interested in actually being nice that max is there for me to force to sit and watch rubbish on tv whilst having some cuddles!


3- They tend to fall into each others sleeping patterns – eventually! Max never used to sleep at night and only during the day which was soo exhausting. We tried everything from keeping him up crying all evening, to not letting him nap at all during the day. None of these things worked. It was a very very tiring 5 months, but slowly now he is getting into the same routine as his sister and wanting to go to bed properly at around half 7/8 and only waking up once in the night for a bottle which is brilliant! Now we get a nice evening to ourselves which is very needed.

4- Someone to play with – Now that Amelia is a bit older she’s more interested in playing and interacting so it’s lovely for her that Max is starting to get more mobile now and interested in toys and play time.

5- The big one hold the little one up in the trolley meaning no bumped heads! This worked out great for Max but not so great for Amelia who keeps getting her hair pulled, jumper grabbed and banana pinched!


It really is so much fun having two little ones around the house making each other laugh and playing. As soon as Max masters crawling it’s going to be hilarious watching how his and Amelia’s relationship changes when he’s charging around trashing her things!

Oh what fun we shall have! 😉


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  1. I had two under two as well, it was exhausting and so so stressful, now though, things are brilliant, they are into all the same things and play together. Although they do argue a fair bit too! Thanks for being a #bigpinklinker this week!

  2. Ah how I can relate, I had two under two we’ll I had two in 11 months. It was certainly hard yes but I am happy it worked out the way it has. They are now 2 and a half and 1 and a half. Both walking, both sleeping, one out of nappies. Both play together both fighting both screaming, ha! But mostly it’s all together which I am hoping will play divideneds when they’re older! Having them close together was definitely the right thing for us! Thanks for sharing at #familyfun xx

  3. Aww I am so ready for another now, just trying to convince the husband! My best friend had 2 under 2 and although it looked hard work to start with, the baby is 9 months now and the older one is so affectionate towards his baby sister, it’s lovely to see. So broody! #bigpinklink

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