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Your baby’s movements when you’re pregnant are so important. They are an indication of how well they are or are not doing whilst in the womb. NOT their heartbeat. Once the heartbeat has stopped it’s too late; so it’s really important to track and log your baby’s movements and you can do this easily with the Kicks Count App.


I’ve been extremely lucky not to have experienced any losses in my pregnancies and to never have had to worry about movements but I know how easily this can change. Just because I’ve had two healthy babies from two problem free pregnancies doesn’t mean I’m ‘safe’ from any future problems, complications or losses which is why I am a firm supporter of the Kicks Count charity and have downloaded their app for next time.

My cousin is pregnant now and is also a huge supporter of Kicks Count. She has a son already and I know his pregnancy was a very scary one just as this one is now. Unfortunately she suffered two miscarriages previous to her first sons pregnancy and birth. The babies were lost early and hadn’t yet reached the kicking stage but I can only imagine how scared and worried she was throughout each pregnancy afterwards and how important is is to her, like many others, to be able to keep a track of her baby’s movements now.

This is why we both love Kicks Count.

The Kicks Count app is great as it can be used as a form of reassurance. The app makes it easy for expectant mothers to see baby’s active periods and means you are able to see if movements reduce at all.


Kicks Count are working hard to make sure all pregnant women know not to go by the ‘count to 10’ method and instead to make sure each woman is confident with knowing her babies own pattern of movement and to go straight to th midwife if she has any concerns regarding her baby’s moevements at all.


Another feature of the app I love is that you can store all of you midwife information and have it with you all of the time should you ever need to use it.


And also the common questions section.


The app is free to download, however you can donate £3 via text message if you wish to do so.


You can can download the Kicks Count app here.

Please donate if you can


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  1. This app looks amazing! Am just over 25 weeks and there have been many a time I have thought how handy something like this would be to have! Downloading it now! #bigpinklink

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