Pregnancy: Summer vs. Winter

I have been pregnant twice in 2 years and so I’m here sharing with you some differences from being pregnant in different seasons. When I was heavily pregnant with Amelia it was very early in the year around February and she was finally – 2 weeks later than planned- born in March. This was perfect for me as by the time the hot weather arrived she was out of her super delicate and sensitive new born stage where you’re scared to expose them to anything and into a bit more of a solid stage where I didn’t worry so much about going out in lovely weather in a pretty little dress. With matching knickers. It wasn’t too hot so I didn’t feel like I was constantly over heating like I did with Max!

Summer hadn’t even arrived yet and I was already struggling to enjoy being pregnant in the heat! Cornwall isn’t exactly a sun trap and the weather isn’t usually the warmest but add in the fact of being 8 months pregnant and summer fast approaching I felt like I was burning around a thousand degrees most days! Night time is a complete nightmare! (Excuse the pun) as I was constantly too hot to sleep and super uncomfortable whilst feeling like I have to pee every two seconds – I don’t remember being nearly this uncomfortable with Amelia – even when I had to wait an extra 2 weeks!



  • Pretty floaty summery clothes
  • Less bulky clothing
  • The weather is good for outdoor exercise and keeping fit
  • Fresh fruit and veg is good for the baby and easily accessible in the summer season
  • Vitamin D from the sun is good for both mother and baby
  • Will be more beach ready for the sun and summer next year
  • The baby will have had jabs all ready to enjoy the beach next summer


  • Too hot
  • Struggle to sleep
  • Always feel 100 degrees
  • Sensitive skin through pregnancy so unable to sunbathe as much
  • Unable to fly or sit in the car for a long time so can’t go away on holiday.
  • It’s wedding season and you just know you’re going to look and feel like a whale



  • Eat loads of filling winter foods especially since you’re getting fat anyway!
  • Nice and cool – weather wise
  • Cosy outfits
  • Don’t mind feeling so fat and lazy
  • Can enjoy Christmas with a new baby
  • Rainy days wont be as boring with a new baby occupying your time
  • Able to hide in heavy and bulky clothes


  • Big coats look and feel even more huge
  • Dangers of slippery ice
  • Cold season sucks and you will be unable to have drugs
  • Eating loads of unhealthy comfort foods then having to work extra hard to work it off after the baby


I know you cant fully and reliably plan exactly when you’re going to have a baby – but if I could, I would definitely plan to be heavily pregnant in the winter rather than the summer!

Thanks for reading!


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  1. I cant really comment because I have been pregnant exactly the same time both times! Both my boys birthdays are in october as well as my own.. One thing I do know though is that being pregnant in a heatwave is no fun at all! #picknmix

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