19 Things That Irritate A Stay At Home Parent

Being a stay at home parent is an amazing gift. Some people can’t afford to be able to stay off of work and spend time with their child every single day watching them grow and learn, but somethings can be rather frustrating.


1) Saying ‘NO’ 1000 times a day – This word just seems to be in the most used word of my life lately. ‘No, please don’t touch the remote’, or ‘no please don’t try to smash the TV with your rock solid toy’, Just no, no, no, no, NOO!! I’m sure Amelia ignores me on purpose. I know she understands the meaning of the word but does she ever actually listen.. Ironically, no!!

2) Making bottles – This monotonous task is such a simple and obvious one for a mother.. Yet it drove me insane!! Wash, rinse, sterilise, prepare, repeat.. Wash, rinse, sterilise, prepare, repeat.. By the 9th month of making around 10 bottles per day I really just had enough. I would try to stretch the last one out until daddy was home to make some so mummy could not want to bang her head against the wall for 5 minutes! And now I’ve signed up to do this all over again for the second year in a row..


3) The doorbell – This makes me angry just thinking about it! Why do people (mainly postmen and jehovad witnesses) feel the need to ring the door bell 20 times and knock as though they’re trying to break in?! 99% of the time I have no idea where my keys are so it takes me a bit longer to answer the door. I do not, however, need to be reminded every two seconds that you’re there waiting! It takes me about 5 minutes (minor exaggeration) to register the bell has even rang and then get up off the sofa, let alone find my keys and actually find the right one! And if you’re issue with leaving the doorbell alone wakes that blissfully sleeping baby that has been creaming and refusing any help for the past 3 hours, then I will most likely kill you!!!!!

4) The baby not eating – You make food, with a screaming toddler demanding you hurry.. Then by the time you’ve rushed and made some oddly shaped sandwiches.. They just throw it on the floor and walk away… **commence deep breathing now!**

5) Automated calls – no I do not want to buy whatever you’re selling, no I haven’t been miss sold ppi, neither have I been in a vehicle accident, and I’ve never even had a credit card!!

6) Opinions – If you visit me or see me out with my child then just try to judge my mood before telling me I should clean the house more because there are baby toys all over the living room floor.. And yes when you finally decide to brave it and have children, I will be forvever reminding you that now YOU are the one with the messy living room because YOUR child has been playing and is too young to understand ‘put that toy away before taking out a new one’. And if my toddler is sat in the trolley relentlessly fussing because they’re bored and want to get out, then please do not just give her biscuit after biscuit (mum!!!) I’m trying to teach her patience and understanding and realise that you cannot always have your own way or just be bribed to conform. Not to mention that is IS LUNCH TIME IN HALF AN HOUR!!

7) Internet problems – Onlne shopping is something that makes every parents life so much easier! Correct? Well, this may not always be the case. Sure, not having to drag your children around a busy supermarket and minimising stress is a huge bonus! But then the Internet freezes and you’re stuck for what feels like hours wondering if all of that bargain hunting has gone to waste, and questioning whether you can really be bothered to sit there searching through page after page for yet another 45 minutes. Without a vehicle of your own, most of the time this is your only option and what should be stress free, is actually often not.

8) Waiting for Candy Crush –  I was always one of those people that said they’d never play Candy Crush and it was just a silly game.. Now I’m one of those people that find themselves counting down the seconds until I have lives of another episode is unlocked!

9) Tantrums – Sometimes I wonder why I stopped an 11 month old from eating toilet roll or playing in the ‘No babies allowed’ cupboard when it just results in a screaming fit on the floor or endless head banging.. I think the whole terrible two’s thing had come early in this house. Maybe next time I’ll just let her run around wild and get whatever she wants instead of trying to instill some discipline into her life. And how can she eat so much?! She’s dinky and wants food 24/7 –  But of course if it isn’t given straight away then prepare for WW3!

10) The Weather – It’s freezing or pouring down when you want to go out, and it’s warm and sunny when you cant be bothered! And what’s even more annoying is when the weather looks lovely, but by the time you’ve actually got yoursekf and a screaming toddler ready (because heaven forbid you actually try

11) ‘Why Don’t You Go For A Walk?’ – Erm.. because I’m tired, it’s cold, its raining or I just can’t be bothered!! I seem to get told to go for a walk most days when ordinarily I would just be sat on the sofa watching TV.

12) Wiping down the highchair – Having to clean in every tiny nook and cranny just to feel like your child has a clean place to eat for about the 5th time that day is pretty draining. Nobody told you about how often this will happen and just how much mess a tiny person really is able to make.


13) Hoovering 50 times a day – After wiping down the highchair comes hoovering up all of the uneaten and mushed up food leftover. This happens non stop in our house, especially when you’re trying to avoid even more bread imbedded into the carpet or stop hairy gritty food from being eaten an hour later.


14) Jehovah’s Witnesses – Spending 99% of my life so far living way out in the sticks this was never an issue.. but when you’re at home you realise how often they come around to harass you!! Personally i’m too polite to say just go away so normally end up listening to a lecture about… Well I actually have no idea what about.. It’s hard to pay attention when you’re willing the baby to start screaming so you have a ligament reason to RUN!!

15) Anyone not stuck at home with a baby – How about we switch roles for a bit? You can be the stay at home mum that spends 5 days a week in smelly old pajamas sometimes without even brushing your hair or even teeth, and I’ll be the one that gets to go out wearing clothes that aren’t actually covered in baby food and human waste. No..?? Didn’t think so!! I love being a mother more than anything, but some days all I want is to be one of those women wearing the gorgeous clothes with perfectly done up hair and make up..

16) Running Out Of Milk Or Bread – And this only ever happens on the rare days you don’t actually want to leave the house, it’s raining, it’s freezing or it’s dinner time and you have a screaming toddler demanding a dairylea sandwich..

17) ‘What have you even been doing all day?!’ – Well actually if you would like a list.. well this house doesn’t stay clean on its own, the laundry and dishes don’t do themselves, and feeding and watering the baby is a full time job! Does this sentence frustrate any other stay at home mothers? People don’t really just how demanding parenting is, even if you’re at home all of the time which is seemingly easy and/or relaxing. Your attention is constantly focused on your baby/toddler so even though your body may look to be resting, you’re being exhausted by an over active brain!

18) Tired – I seem to be tired all of the time. Whether it’s boredom or pregnancy, it’s really infuriating!

19) Putting The DVD’s Back For The 1,000,000th Time Today – Our DVD shelf is perfect height for little hands so at least once a day they’re all pulled down off of the shelf. I spend most of my time putting these back on, only to be pulled off again all of about 5 minutes later..

Can you relate to any of these?


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  1. I hear you, I wouldnt havwe been a stay at home mum, when mine were small, but I love it now they are adult children, I have worked from home for the past 7 years and most of my family think I watch daytime TV and do nothing all day! if only.. #dreamteam

  2. Lol I completely relate! I say “No” more than any other word, and I’m on first name terms with our local Jehovahs Witness even though I couldnt even tell you what on earth he’s been talking to me about when he calls…I just see the visits as a welcome distraction from peppa pig and a chance to sleep with my eyes open for 5 minutes while he talks at me….#dreamteam

  3. I can completely relate to the automated calls and the door bell ringing from various sales people. This used to happen several times a day here and when your arm deep in poonarmi, it’s the most irritating thing in the world at the time. Thanks so much for sharing with the #DreamTeam. Love this post. xx

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