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A few weeks ago at our local toddler stay and play group, I joined in with a competition to win £50 worth of Usborne books. All I had to do was pay £2 per pre-numbered square and write in our name to show that was the square we had chosen. I decided I wanted to go for the new baby’s due date – number 5 – and Amelia’s birthday – number 26. However, the number 26 was already taken by Jack’s cousin that works at the playgroup so instead I  chose number 27 next to it – this also has some meaning since it is Jack’s birthday. How lucky this was as this is the winning number!

I was so happy when I saw the video posted announcing the winner – I didn’t at ll expect to win! Amelia is such a book addict and I know she will be so happy with even more books on her bookshelf. When I was choosing which books to order Jack reminded me that she already has so many books for this age so I should opt for some in the next stage.

The books only took a week to arrive after I ordered them and the lovely lady Kelly (our local rep) dropped them off, packaged up lovely.



The Christmas Story £5.99

Easter Snap cards £4.99

Bible Tales £14.99

Fairy Tales For Bedtime £9.99

Royal Fairy Tales For Bedtime £9.99

Find the Duck £4.99

The Easter Story £3.99

Bed time is the perfect time for imaginations to flow and in order to induce happy dreams into a child’s routine; so Fairy Tales for Bedtime and Royal Fairy Tales for Bedtime seem like the perfect books to help little girls imaginations flow and therefore the perfect bedtime stories. I can see Amelia really getting into these fairy tales and demanding more and more at bed time! These will definitely be the perfect addition to Amelia’s bookcase and hopefully be great little books for many years to come.


I couldn’t bring myself to keep ALL of these books on the shelf put of rough hands way and just had to get one for Amelia to enjoy now. Find the Duck was the perfect choice! You may remember from previous blog posts that Amelia is a duck addict so you can understand the reasons behind choosing this book!


Thinking ahead to Amelia’s Easter basket next year, I decided to get her the Easter Snap cards and The Easter Story. I am hoping she will be old enough by then to try to play snap even if she doesn’t fully understand the rules. The Easter Story is really important to know especially at Easter time. I want Amelia to understand the reasons/story behind Easter and not just see it as an excuse to eat chocolate before breakfast!

When I was in primary school I loved our bible studies class and even though I am not religious, all of the stories have really stuck with me and so this is why I picked out the Bible Tales collection. I really hope Amelia has as strong of a connection to these stories and she remembers them as she grows up and gets older just like I have.


I decided on The Christmas Story for the same reasons as the Easter Story – for her Christmas basket and also so Amelia can understand what Christmas is all about and that it isn’t all about presents!

I was really please with the books when they arrived as they feel as though they are high quality books that will really last.

I really do hope that Amelia has a strong love of books and reading for many years to come just like I do! Reading is such a great way to get imaginations flowing.

What favorite books do your little ones love?


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