Amelia’s 6 Month Update

So I’ve been pretty useless with blog updates lately! Having a 6 month old that can do things a 9 month old can do is pretty tiring and very time consuming! The last Amelia update I did was when she was 3 months old and only just rolled over! So much has changed in just three short months and it feels like time has just flown by.

Amelia really is on the move now! She has started crawling (after a month of dragging herself around in an army-crawl kinda way) and is super quick now! She likes to follow mummy and daddy into the kitchen and even up a few stairs! (This calked for an emergency trip to Argos to purchase a couple of stair gates!!)

Pulling herself up onto the TV stand and standing up is another of her latest hobbies – hopefully my she will learn that slipping off of a glass TV stand will not be fun! Especially is she bumps her really adorably goofy two-front-teeth, which seemed to just both appear over night as if by magic!

All of these milestones seem to have just happened all at once!

Being so young, its hard to find amazing activites to do that would actually  keep amelia entertained and not just frustrered. All she wants to do is play and crawl around  the living room and there isnt many places she can just freely roam like that!

Here are some cute Cheeky Amelia pics 🙂


It’s so amazing watching this dinky little person grow and change so rapidly- its scary.


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