Amelia’s Easter Basket 

Easter is here so I am sharing with you Amelia’s Easter basket. It is Amelia’s 2nd Easter and the first time I have made her a themed basket as last year she was only a week old so had no idea what was going on. She has just turned 1 and I know she will love her little gifts and of course, the chocolate!

Easter themed basket – Poundland
Decorative shred – Poundland

I found this little basket and filled it with some decorative shred. The basket is has really cute Easter animals all over it which Amelia would really love. Next year I will find her a bigger basket to put a few more themed bits in it.

Chocolate lolly – Aldi

Mini Milkyway bunny – asda

Mini Smarties filled chick – Iceland

Kinder lamb – Tesco’s

Milkyway cow – Tesco’s

White chocolate bunny – Aldi 

Chirping Chick – Asda

Bunny ears – Poundland 

Peppa’s Easter Egg Hunt book – Tesco’s

Amelia loves books and sitting down flicking through the pages quietly. She is still a bit young for tear-able books so the only one I could find that was ‘baby friendly’ was Peppa’s Easter Egg Hunt. This is perfect for Amelia as she is a real Peppa Pig addict!

The chirpy little chick was a real hit – Amelia goes ‘quack quack’ over and over (again with the duck obsession!!)

She looks super cute in her little bunny ears, not that they stayed on for long!

Earlier in the week at her weekly playgroup Amelia took part in an Easter egg hunt and picked it up straight away. She loves Easter egg hunts and I have prepared a lot of treats for an eggciting hunt!

I’m not a fan of giving children (especially babies) chocolate and I know that all of my family will buy Amelia plenty of chocolate eggs so I instead have opted for a few smaller chocolate treats she can eat over time rather than a big egg. Amelia isn’t used to a lot of chocolate anyway so this will be a big treat!

Happy Easter everybody! xx


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