Amie & Amelia’s May Wedding Style

This month my cousin got married so of course I have to share with you all Amelia and my outfits! Amelia looks super cute and grown up but I knew it wouldn’t stay clean for long once food arrived so I made sure I packed a spare. With being just about ready to pop it wasn’t easy finding something I felt comfortable and good in – to be honest I just felt like a really really hot whale (temperature wise I mean!!) The weather on Saturday was a bit dreary and we had had a lot of rain that morning and the night before so I had to make quick alterations to what I had planned for us to wear.


Dress – Mothercare

Cardigan – Matalan

Headband – M&S


Sandals – Jojo Maman Bebe

Amelia’s dress was a birthday gift from her Nannie – Jacks mother – and is really stunning. It has some faint gold floral embroidery all over so I found this gorgeous gold headband from M&S which will definitely be getting a lot of use in the future! I love pretty little headbands especially for the summer. Amelia’s hair is always crazy and growing out her baby hair into a nice fringe means it’s always in her eyes and she just never seems to want to keep a clip or head band in. I love the pink flower on the band and to be honest I’m surprise Amelia didn’t try to pick it off!

My mum found this cardigan a few days before the wedding in Matalan and it was perfect for the style I was aiming for for Amelia. I really wanted a cream cardigan with some gold in to blend well with the dress and her tights and I think it all went together perfectly.

Unfortunately the weather wasn’t the best and so not really sandal weather; so we just ended up putting Amelia in her every day shoes so she could toddle around on the grass without any worry of soaked tights or stubbed toes. It’s a shame really because these Jojo sandals are really pretty and would have looked lovely to finish off the outfit. 


Dress – Newlook

Cardigan – Dorothy Perkins

Maternity tights – Mothercare

Shoes – Newlook

Hair flower – BHS

Since I didn’t know how big I was going to be I ended up leaving it quite late to find a dress for the wedding. I didn’t want to spend a lot on something I was only going to wear once so luckily I found this one in Newlooks maternity section. In our local town there isn’t much of a selection of maternity wear and the one I really liked from Debenhams got sold out online when I went to buy it which was a shame. The dress was nice and floaty although I wasn’t a big fan of the actual material – not so great when you’re hot, sweaty and pregnant! 

I wanted a cardigan to go with the nude colouring of the flowers on the dress and the nude shoes I was wearing. It isn’t a maternity cardigan but this didn’t really matter as it wasn’t going to be worn done-up and only used as more of a shawl for my arms instead.

My mum bought a cream and dark flower to wear in her hair and she couldn’t decide which one, but the cream one looked a lot nicer with the dress she was wearing so I borrowed the darker one which made it feel more like a wedding outfit.

I forgot to take some flat shoes and with not long to go before the baby is due these shoes really hurt my feet. There is only a small heel and I only really planned on wearing them for the actual ceremony then in the evening I would change into flats but as Amelia keept me busy all morning I totally forgot and ended up wandering around bare foot all evening. I was definitely glad I bought maternity tights as it made me feel a lot more secure around my bump especially with a floaty dress.

It was really nice to get Amelia all dressed up looking girly and she had such a great time. Everybody knows weddings are just super boring for little ones and with Amelia always being so active and not one to just sit still I was really proud of her for being on her best behaviour and not screaming or wanting to run off. At the meal afterwards there was a lot more sitting around waiting and I was sure she was going to have a melt down but she did us all proud and with a steady supply of food sat happily and quietly for the whole thing. With waiters carrying trays around everywhere I couldn’t really let her just run around but when it came time for the reception she was off playing on steps, chasing the lights from the DJ booth and dancing around. It was lovely watching her and all of the other toddlers dance around and have fun – children really do make a wedding day magical.

By the end of the evening she got a bit too hot from running around so much that I ended up just totally stripping her down to her vest and letting her just cool down before we went off home to bed.

Thanks for reading! xx


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