Day Fifteen: Where Will You Be In 5 Years?

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The title of this post is ‘Where will you be in 5 years?’ but who really knows?! I think the post is better labeled as ‘Where do you HOPE to be in 5 years?’ This gives people something to aspire and look forward top also!


In 5 years I hope to have had another one or two more children so Amelia has brothers/sisters close to her own age to grow up along side. Having 3 younger brothers and plenty of cousins myself I know how fun it can be having relations close in age! A big family is very important to both Jack and myself as it means plenty of fun and entertainment with lots of little people to enjoy!

Jack and I have a dream of building a house with a big lake in the garden. I would like for us to be closer to saving enough money to finally make that dream a reality! We will have plenty of animals roaming around such as horses, ducks, chickens, geese etc.

A few years ago I started a business and admin course which I really enjoyed! Unfortunately, due to work requirements I was made to give it up half way through. So due to this, I would like to have completed this course fully, and also completed a few other college courses I’ll enjoy and could help for future work. Also, maybe have started a part time job to help out with the household income.

I will be taking my baby to school! Amelia will now be old enough to be in full time education so I know this will be a very emotional time! I have been with Amelia all-day & every-day since the moment she was born so having her be away from me for at least 5 hours a day will be terrifying. So even though this is a day I look forward to as a huge milestone in Amelia’s life, I am also really dreading it as my baby will really be growing up and will be away from me!

Where do you hope to be in 5 years?


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