Day Fourteen: 3 Healthy Habits

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So this is the one that shows you just how unhealthy you really are!! These are pretty standard habits that hygienic people do everyday as I cant really think of anything these that I do as habit!

1. I brush my teeth every morning before Amelia and I go downstairs for a morning feed.

2. Also in the morning, I have breakfast after Amelia has had her feed!

3. I’m not sure if this is healthy or not, but every single day I hoover and do the washing up to keep the house fresh and clean!

I hope to soon have a lot of healthy habits as these are a bit standard practice rather than actual personal habits!! As I have recently started slimming world, I hope that my healthy habits will be keeping active regularly throughout the week and eating super healthy in order to maintain a weight I am happy at and not snack on unhealthy toxins!

What healthy habits do you have?


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