Day Seventeen: Your Favorite Blogs

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When I found out I was pregnant I turned to google straight away and searched for ‘Teenage pregnancy stories’ to see if anybody had any advice on how to break it to your parents! Whilst searching, I came across this blog called ‘Alice & Amelia’ which I fell in love with straight away.


Whilst going through the ‘too tired to breathe’ stage in my early pregnancy, I found it easier to sit at the laptop and do some work, which is when I decided to read the whole blog! It is such an interesting blog full of great advice. The girl who writes the blog –  Alice – does such fun things on a regular basis with her daughter Amelia and when reading the whole blog and following them on their adventure further, you really feel a sense of a relationship built between writer and reader.

As well as Alice and Amelia’s adventures, Alice posts a lot of fun and tasty recipes with helpful tips too. I have made a lot of the posted recipes myself and they really are delicious! Another thing I love about the blog, is the home made craft ideas Alice sets for Amelia to expand her knowledge base. These include making home made play dough, colorful spaghetti and a lot of sensory activities such as items in ice and jelly with different textures and consistency’s to really let Amelia explore!

This is a blog you should really check out especially if you’re into mummy blogs and love to bake!


Another blog I’m just getting into is one written by Jack’s cousin called ‘A Cornish Mum’. I have only just started too read this blog but so far I love it! It is similar to Alice & Amelia blog, but different int he sense that ‘A Cornish Mum’ has children that are older so her posts are older in tone also. It isn’t such a young child blog. There is also medical information as one of her sons have a severe case of diabetes so the blog sheds a lot of light into living with a diabetic child. I hope to read the entire blog very soon as it has such a wide following. Then I can give you a lot more information!

Both blogs have great reviews from a vast market of supplies sent to them and a great sense of humor in both. This makes reading so much more enjoyable!

Check them out here:

-> Alice & Amelia –

-> A Cornish Mum –

Whats your favorite blog/blogs?


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