Day Six: What Are You Afraid Of

30-day-blogging-challenge (1)This is an easy one. What I am afraid of is simply losing my family!

Anybody that has had a baby knows how easy it is to have the fear of cot death take over your brain and how terrifying it is that first time you wake up before your baby after they have slept all night! And every time that little baby is asleep you cant help but poke them to check they’re okay!! I try hard not to let the fear take over my mind, and I think I do a pretty good job! I like to think I’m not one of these crazy mothers that have an alarm set for ever half hour so they wake up and remember to do a quick pulse check!

As well as that, having a new baby puts a big strain on any relationship so I hope the pressure doesn’t affect us too badly that we turn into a stereotypical couple that is just always argumentative. A lot of new mums do this – they are too consumed in their baby and forget that they still need to take care of their partner and relationship! I love Amelia to pieces!! But I have all day with her (and love every second!!) so when Jack gets home from work it’s nice for us and Amelia to have some time together to have tea and talk about how our days have been. Then when Amelia goes up to bed around 9.30-10pm ish, we can finally have a nice snuggle under the blanket on the sofa and watch some of our recorded series! So I really hope this doesn’t change and we still have time for us. Most women turn into mega hormonal monsters that are just snappy and seem to be grumpy all the time when they spend their day taking care of children, cooking, cleaning.. And then when their other halves return home from work and would just like to chill out and have a cuppa or a cold drink made for them and tea dished up, it seems to send them in a rage! (This can totally be me sometimes!!) Therefore I hope in time to come me and Jack will stay our happy selves and just keep on loving life with our little family!! 


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