Day Sixteen: Thoughts On Education

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My views on education…

Education and schools are very important for teaching discipline to children, which some most definitely lack at home! For many, it is a safety net ready to catch you when life doesn’t go how you expect and a structure ready to support you and to rely on. This part if the education system is very important I feel.

However.. A lot of what is though is a load of utter garbage! Unless you want to be a genius mathematician, you do not need to know the square root of pie or what a x b equals! Most standard occupations that people are likely to do only need addition and subtraction. I was never a big math fan so I’m all for dumping that subject!

Anyway, if I were an education minister, I would definitely campaign for a more sensible lesson plan in the classroom where students are taught practical things like paying taxes, insurance, how to open a bank account or the importance of a savings account! these thing are useful for everyone, so why they aren’t being taught is beyond me! That’s what I think anyway! Common sense beats intelligence in my opinion! You can be a smart as you like, but that doesn’t mean you have a clue about living in the real world! Something I only really learned recently when I moved out after finding out I’m pregnant! I wish I was taught these things at school.

Those are my thoughts and views, what are yours?


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