Day Ten: Best Trip Of Your Life

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Every trip away from Cornwall has been with either my primary school or secondarey school. These were great trips as they were educational and the kind where all of your friends come along! I have been to France 3 times, the most recent being the best.

I went to Normandy with secondary school on a History trip because I really love History and the wars and Hitlers rein! It was such an amazing trip as the weather was gorgeous which was a huge bonus and France is just a beautiful country anyway! We looked around all of the memorials and museums and took a trip to a few grave yards where the headstones of the fallen soldiers were perfectly in line with each other and all gleaming white. The lawn where they lay were mown to perfection and the flower beds and trees around were decoratively organised to give the area a touch of tranquility. That was intensified by the sound of the crashing waves as the beach was at the foot of the cliff. Other than the shack the school arranged for us to stay in being a complete dive, the trip was just lovely!

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Jack and I have a lot of plans to take Amelia away on holiday so I’m sure that will definitely be the best trip for us!

What’s your best trip?


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