Day Twelve: Your Favorite Childhood Book

30-day-blogging-challenge (1)I didn’t really have a favorite childhood book, it was more a series – The Harry Potter series!


I loved these books as they take you to a magical place where you believe anything could happen, and that’s what I book should be all about I think! I have probably read the whole series like 5 times and watched them all around 100 times!! My favorite is the third book/film – Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Askaban.

I loved reading when I was young, and still do now. Living on a farm in the middle of no where with 3 younger brothers was a bit boring and lonely sometimes so getting into a good story and losing yourself in it is great and it made my imagination go wild. At first, I got the second book from a carboot sale that I went to with my mum and it just sat on the shelf for months. It wasn’t until the first film came out that I actually read the books and from that moment I was hooked. I soon rounded up the rest of the books and waited anxiously for the final book to be released.

What was your favorite childhood book?


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