Day Twenty: What Makes You Happy

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A list of what makes me happy…

  • Jack & Amelia
  • Being all snug in bed listening to the rain beat down on the roof – I have always loves the sound of rain and it just relaxes me so much!
  • Taking hundreds of photos of Amelia
  • Chocolate melt cupcakes
  • Christmas
  • Festivity
  • Watching/hearing thunder and lightening
  • Amelia’s giggles
  • Trick or treating at Halloween
  • Visiting family
  • Home made crafts
  • Reading and getting into a good story – There is nothing better that sitting and relaxing and losing yourself in a good book during the day. I love relating to characters in an interesting and good book!
  • Jack smiling, laughing and being generally happy – As Jack works so much doing dull work each day, he has been a bit stressed so when he is all smiles and we can have a good laugh together it is lovely!
  • Baking – Making Jack some tasty treats during the day whilst he is at work and Amelia is sleeping is really relaxing and seeing jacks face when he see’s what I have made is really nice!
  • Ducks
  • Ducklings and chicks
  • Amelia
  • Being at the lake
  • Watching Jack’s carp swimming around in the lake
  • Amelia’s ever growing curiosity – Amelia is growing so fast and it is an amazing thing to witness! As the grows physically, she is also growing mentally and her curiosity is vastly growing so watching her learn and get even more nosey is great as a mother!
  • Evening films and snuggles – When Jack comes homes from work and after we have had our tea, I love to laze on the sofa of an evening and have a good cuddle with him and Amelia and watch a good film!
  • People being truthful
  • My crazy, erratic, dysfunctional family!! 

What makes you happy?


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