Essential Baby First Aid 

When I found out I was pregnant with Amelia, straight away I knew I wanted to learn baby first aid just in case anything should happen. I wanted to be 100% fully prepared but I couldn’t find any local courses that weren’t expensive.

Luckily, the St John Ambulance charity have come up with some helpful tips all put into a pocket sized leaflet for parents piece of mind. After seeing an online advert, I decided to sign up to receive this leaflet and a few weeks later it arrived in the post. Now it spends all of its time in Amelia’s changing bag, always with her so whomever’s care she is in has this leaflet handy in an emergency.

For the baby CPR video, follow this link:

New research shows that ‘Parents told us that their baby not breathing is the first aid emergency they fear the most, yet only 1 in 4 know what to do’ I am definitely one of these parents. Since before giving birth I have always been so fearful of Amelia stopping breathing and having no clue what to do then it being too late. Now I hope that I will feel a lot more confident for the remainder of Amelia’s time as a baby and when her little brother is born also.

This poster shows all of the essential baby first aid showcased in the pocket leaflet. Try to commit as much to memory as possible so if the w+3orst shall happen, you are prepared.   

Please register to receive your ‘Essential Baby First Aid’ pocket guide now and put your mind at ease 


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