Meet Our New Family Members!


Amelia is way too young yet to understand any responsibility that comes with raising pets, but that didn’t stop me from buying her 10 gorgeous little call ducklings!

By the time Amelia is old enough to understand I’m hoping these babies will have babies of their own for Amelia to coo over and love!

We have a lovely little lake where the ducklings will be safely fenced in, yet still free to roam around as they please. Growing up on a farm, I have always had and loved raising ducks and chickens so this is a thing I would like to pass on to Amelia. At our house, we are not allowed pets so this is a good way for Amelia to still experience being a pet owner!



I got these babies in a variety of different colours, but my all time favorite is the magpie colour. So when I saw a pair of magpie ducks for sale, I just had to buy them too!!

We hope you enjoyed the pictures of these gorgeous little guys! 


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