Milestone Alert!!


I’m so excited for an Amelia update today!!

Amelia rolled over!!!

I’ve been waiting for this moment for weeks willing her to go right over every time she settles on her side and then when I get the camera out thinking she will do it.. she comes back over onto her back! Its been so frustrating hoping that I am going to be there to witness this first major milestone in Amelia’s life.

So now I am so happy that she did!! It was a few weeks ago now (Wednesday 8th July 2015 – to be exact) but she looked so pleased with herself it was so adorable! The day after she rolled over she didn’t really do it at all but Friday and everyday each she has been non stop – and she has even figured out how to go back over to her back again.

I love watching Amelia’s development and progress each and every day. One thing I have learnt since having Amelia .. It’s true what they say!! It does go so quick! With every blink they’ve learnt something new, it’s pretty scary and sad, but in a good way 🙂 


Thanks for reading!! 🙂


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