My Advice For Mummies To Be

This is a really short post on something I’ve really come to realize recently.

As a mummy to be myself and having already been through this, my little bit of mummy advice is to really really cherish the baby days and every single little moment. Everybody will say it and you’ll basically just ignore them in the excitement of the first steps and words, but honesty, really listen and understand when I say that you will be an emotional wreck when the night before their first birthday and wonder where that time has gone.

I was crying so much whilst looking through baby pictures of Amelia the night before her first birthday and I’m sure Jack thought I was crazy! At that moment I just really wished I had cherished all of these times so much more and really had longer of ‘baby Amelia’ before she has grown up into this feisty and very cheeky toddler that seems to be learning and growing so much every single day.

It’s so true what they say – the time will fly by and you’ll wonder where on earth thatĀ little baby has gone.


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