New Baby, New Routines


As a first time mum it was very important to me to set a stable routine very quick in my daughters life. With Amelia, we were very lucky as she has always slept for at least 4 hours at night since the very first night in hospital! Since then her sleep pattern differs from night to night as sometimes she will only sleep for 4/5 hours before wanting a feed and others she will sleep right through for 7-9 hours at a time. When she had bad colic and was screaming and crying all evening, she tired herself out that much that she even slept for10 hours straight! We learnt early on that the longer Amelia is awake during the day, the longer she sleeps at night.

Now she is 2 months old, and she has settled into a general routine. When we are out and about rather than just in the house all ay this changes as she is generally in her car seat, so after having a tantrum about sitting in it at first, she tens to sleep the whole time just occasionally waking for a nappy change and feed.

Here is Amelia’s general ‘at home’ routine:

7.00am-8am: Wake up.

7.30am-8.30am: Nappy change and cloths change then have a feed.

1pm-5pm: Afternoon nap.

5.30pm: Nappy change and feed.

5pm-8.30pm: Have cuddles, watch tv, play and have a few feeds and nappy changes.

8.30pm-9.30pm: Fall asleep on mummy, daddy, on her play mat or in her swing.

9.30pm-10.00pm: Take her up and put her in her crib

Amelia will then either sleep right through until 7am or will wake up at either 2/3/5am for a feed.

How easily did your little ones settle into a routine? I’d love to know 🙂 


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