Peppa Pig World 2016

Any parent with a toddler will be familiar with our good friend Peppa Pig. As annoying as she can be, she can also be a god send – well, in our house any rate!! Toddler tantrum, turn on Peppa Pig. Need 5 minutes of peace, Peppa’s who you need! Long journey and need toddler entertainment? Call on Peppa!

I know in my household I have definitely call on Peppa plenty of times to help us get through the day, and Amelia is definitely an addict. So when I found out about Peppa Pig World in the area we also have a family wedding, I knew it was fate! We just had to go.

Our hotel was around an hour and a half away from Peppa Pig World (also known as Paultons theme park – yup, there’s more than just Peppa there!)

The excitement on Amelia’s face made the shockingly annoying, rather monotonous Peppa Pig music playing slightly bare able! For me anyway, after an hour I think Jack was just about ready to bang his head against a wall.. repeatedly..

Totally unplanned posing.. Vogue here we come!!

Rides At Peppa Pig World

  • Windy Castle ride
  • George’s Dinosaur Adventure
  • Daddy Pig’s Car Ride
  • Grandpa Pig’s Little Train
  • Grandpa Pig’s Boat Trip
  • Peppa’s Big Balloon Ride
  • Miss Rabbit’s Helicopter Flight

As we went with my brothers we didn’t get to take Amelia on many rides as we were exploring the whole park but we did get to go on Peppa’s Big Balloon ride, Grandpa Pig’s Boat and Windy Castle ride. We had a plan to check out the rest of the park then spend the last few hours until closing time at 7pm playing in the water area and letting Amelia explore Peppa Pig World for longer. Unfortunate though what we didn’t know is that although the park itself is open until 7pm the rides and attractions actually close at 5.30pm!

A spot of lunch at the dinosaur cafe

Love this ice cream so much!


Naturally I couldn’t resist having a little splurge in the gift shops.. I mean, Christmas is coming up after all?! It’s terrifying to say but as Amelia is 2 in just over 6 months (6 months!!! 2 years old!!!) so I couldn’t leave these super adorable tops behind so there’s a few more bits in the Birthdays & Christmas presents cupboard and less to buy at the time!

As an early present for Jack from Amelia we just had to get him his very own ‘Daddy Pig’ t-shirt! And I must admit, he does look pretty cool wearing it.


My Top Tips For Peppa Pig World

#1 Children under 1 metre are free entry and therefore don’t need a ticket so measure children first.

#2 Book tickets online in advance – you have to queue separately for tickets which is a long time, and then you have to queue for actual entry for the park which can take an hour too!

#3 Plan your day, understanding that although the park says 10am – 7pm, the rides and attractions actually close at 5.30pm, meaning when we planned to spend the last hour (from 6pm) in the water play area, the water was infact all shut off.

#4 When going with older children, you will struggle to fit everything into one day especially when older ones wont want to stay at Peppa Pig World for too long – meaning one age group will miss out. In this case, it was Amelia.

#5 If you can get ready and to the park by 10am the park is usually nice and quiet for a while so it is a good idea to avoid peak times.

#6 You don’t need to worry too much about small children not being able to cope with a massive theme park. Peppa Pig World is in a seperate area and isn’t too big.

#7 If you don’t fancy a burger and chips or big queues for lunch with a fussy toddler, think about taking a packed lunch with you.

#8 Be sure to explore the rest of the park. There are plenty more rides for toddlers around and with less queue times because they aren’t Peppa Pig themed. Amelia really loved the dinosaur area.

In Southampton at the Holiday Inn there is a package for visitors of  Paulton’s theme park and Peppa Pig World from just £143* Their stay and play package includes a one day ticket to Peppa Pig World, a comfortable family room and breakfast. Upgrade and you can enjoy Peppa Pig bedding for children, late checkout, a DVD player for the room perfect for watching Peppa Pig and also yummy hot chocolate before bed. Also for a little extra the kitchen staff can prepare a packed lunch as long as the order is placed the night before. I feel like the packed lunch would be a good idea as the one I took up for Amelia wasn’t really that appetising after spending the day in a warm hotel room.





I am definitely going to book the Peppa Pig package for Amelia next time we take a trip to Paultons theme park and also maybe spend two days there instead of one.

One of my biggest tips is to make sure you collect a child labeling sticker from the main entrance incase the worst should ever happen. The back is a good place for handsy toddlers likely to just pull it off.



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