Race for Life – Pretty Muddy Mud Run


This year my mum, Aunties, cousins and some friends are raising money for Cancer Research UK by participating in a Pretty Muddy Mud Run. I’ve wanted to do a mud run for a long time because they look super fun! And so when I found out about Pretty Muddy I couldn’t wait to get stuck in! (Excuse the pun 😉 !!)  and of course like usual I am dragging my family along too to make some awesome new memories (and so I don’t look like a loner!) A few years ago I got them all involved in a Christmas Santa fun run around our local town all dressed up as Santa’s! We raised over £100 for the Cornwall Hospice Care charity and it was something totally different that we’ve never done before, but all had so much fun!


I’m really close with my mum and my aunties – Tara and April – so when they were totally up for joining in with these random off the cuff ideas I come up with its great! I love to raise money and do my bit for charity and it’s especially great when I can get the whole family involved!


Due to health and safety this is a women only event. I was a bit annoyed that I couldn’t find a mud run for both men and women as this is something I also really wanted to do with Jack and I knew we would have so much fun as well as me having someone big to drag me along! Haha. I think he is pretty glad he just gets to stay clean and dry whilst cheering us on from the side lines with Amelia!

This type of mud run is perfect for me as it incorporates helping out a charity with fun and fitness! I especially love this event as it is for women of any age and ability, which means if you’re useless at running (like me) it’s okay! Our baby boy is due in the beginning of July so this doesn’t give me much time to train so I’m glad it’s more of an event to have fun with than one you have to be really fit for.

I am most looking forward to the comedy side of doing it as a group and actually sticking together. When we did the Santa fun run we all lost each other half way through which was a real shame! I think the competitive gene really shone through on that one!

Group Leader of Team Ginger Ningers

Our team name is Ginger Ningers which is pretty self explanatory from my mum and aunties ginger hair! I received a package in the post shortly after signing up with a sponsorship form, race number, and labels for money collection tins. As the leader of our group I got this really cute ‘Group Leader’ badge to wear during our race and being overly sentimental it’s something that will go in my memory/keepsake box.


On the Cancer Research Race For Life website you are able to purchase clothing for races and my plan is for our group to have some orange/ginger tutus with a pink race for life top and black leggings/fitness trousers. I also have a Cancer Research unity band in pink and white to wear and I spotted a really cute hot pink hoodie on their website too just incase it’s a bit chilly and a pink polka dot rain coat. I love the idea of girly ‘war paint’ so the little face paint kit will be perfect for us. Most of this I wouldn’t even need I just think they’re all really cute, and eventhough we will be head to toe in mud by the end, at least we will be looking great in the beginning !



Here is how to sign up to a Pretty Muddy Mud Run near you:


Please help us with anything you can spare. Even £1 will do great things! This is how our money goes towards helping Cancer Research:

Thanks for reading! 


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